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Trader Set Up Overview

Please note: If you already have a directory listing with Squash Australia's, you may already have  your basic business details saved in the Smart Space system. If you are unsure, go to the Forgot Password link and see if it can find your details. Your business details will be available in the My Business Connetions link once you log in.

Setting up a Smart Space account is subject to  term and conditions.

Setting up a basic Smart SpaceTrader Account is Free and relatively simple.

NB: You need to be logged in to start the set up process

1. Save Business Preferences

This is the information that prospective customers will see when they view your website or listing. It is important that you provide complete information and you get it right.

2. Configure System

This information is vital to ensure your website or listing operates in the way you want it to. Not all information is required if you are only going to the free listing stage, but you will need to complete all questions if your are to operate your Free Online Bookings or the complete Smart Space.

3. Create and Save Spaces

Saving your bookable spaces or resources (squash courts or tennis courts, personal trainers etc) is a two stage process.

  1. First your need to create the Resource Categories (squash courts or tennis courts, personal trainers etc). You can create as many categories as you need.
  2. Next you set up the actual bookable spaces themselves within each Resource Category.

At this stage you will be eligible for a free Web page with all relevant information you have so far provided

4. Save Opening Hours

To include your opening hours on that web page, or to get your free online booking sheet, you will need to complete the opening hours form.

  • Just insert the opening times in 24 hour format
  • You can set up any holidays or specials days in the control panel later

You are now eligible for your free basic online booking system. you can view and create bookings as can those who have registered in Smart Space.  When they make their booking, their contact details will be available in the booking page.

5. Smart Space Subscription

Once you have completed the basic set up you can get complete access to Smart Space by signing up for a subscription.   See Current Prices here.

  • Every new subscription comes with a free trial, however you must subscribe first to access the trial. (Smart Space never sees your credit card or bank details)
  • If you wish to discontinue the complete service, you must unsubsribe before your first subscription payment is due
  • You can use an existing PayPal account or if you do not have one, the subscription process will take you through that process as well

Please Note:

  • Syndicated or other relevant ads may appear to you and your customers on the free version of Smart Space.
  • Ads never appear to your customers once you purchase a subscription
  • Each set up page has its own help file which will explain what the various choices are all about. It is worth having a quick read of each pages help file before you start that element of the set up.

Depending on the amount of set up you complete, you will be eligible for anything from a free Directory Listing to a complete Smart Space Subscription.

  • All new subscriptions get a free trial of the complete Smart Space system. (see details below)
  • To get a full Smart Space subscription, you will need to pay the presribed monthly fees. (After the free trial ends)
  • It should not take any longer than about 20 minutes to complete all the basic stages of set up.
  • All information you provide is subject to our strict privacy policy - we never share your details with third parties.

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