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About Us

SmartSpace started life almost 20 years ago as a specialist sports centre booking system and membership manager. From there it has grown organically according to customer requests.

SmartSpace consists of a small but dedicated team which has developed the SmartSpace concept from scratch. Creator, Raymond Strachan, works full time in continuing to develop and refine the SmartSpace web platform. After 20 years of developing web applications, we are starting to learn a little bit about Apache servers, Centos operating systems and PHP/MYSQL/Javascript languages.

Backing him up are a small team of part time employees and consultants.

Smartspace is aimed at the bespoke website niche because of its flexibility and scope. We now have modules that will do everything from creating multi-lingual websites to booking systems and directory services. We are also developing our API to allow for integration with custom Apps.

Our Live Edit website editing system allows for complete flexibility and fine grained styling of any website in desktop, tablet and mobile/cell modes.

The Smart Space platform is proving to be extremely flexible in delivering high quality business websites at an affordable price. We are continuing to be very responsive to customer requests incorporating many suggestion from designers and website owners in the the suite of SmartSpace features and widgets.

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