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Optimal Viewing for Smart Space

Smart Space is best viewed using a screen size of 1024px x 800px or larger.

Cookies from Smart Space must be accepted to ensure that logged in sessions are maintained and Javascript must be enabled.

The use of Broadband internet is necessary to view many pages on this site (especially booking sheets)  in reasonable viewing times.

For the best viewing experience, I recommend you use firefox 2.0 or higher as your browser. Especially for Traders who are using Smart Space on an ongoing basis, Firefox will deliver a better and quicker outcome.

In browsers that offer tabbed browsing, I recommend that you select new windows open as tabs.

Smart Space has been extensively tested in the following browsers.

  • MS Internet Explorer 5  and above  for Windows
  • Firefox 1.5 and above for Windows and Mac

It has been lightly tested on Windows 6 and above for Mac

It has not been tested in Safari or Opera, although there have been no reports of poor rendering in those browsers. Report faults to admin at smartpace dot ws.

It has been written in XHTML compliant code although it is possible that user input may not comply with these standards.

We are grateful for the use of the following open source or free programs to help develop or in use on Smart Space:

Raymond Strachan

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