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Latest Smart Space Features

Updated Mar 8, 2008.

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Smart Space has a host of features especially designed for businesses in the sports, health and fitness sectors. Although It has just been launched, a wide variety of tools are available on the paid version.

Smart Space also intends to provide a wide range of tools for ordinary users through "My Smart Space" as a way of integrating your personal life with your "Business Connections". Whilst the system does provide some features in this realm, these have been limited whilst we get the Trader Resources up to scratch.

Whilst not exhaustive, here is a list of the major features of the Smart Space web site for Traders:

System Configuration

An unlimited number of Resource Categories and Resources can be set up, although there is a limit of 12 Resources per category. A Resource can be anything from  a Sports Court to a Consulting Room a piece of Equipment or a Service Staff person. Configuration for these resources can be done in a number of ways, often at three levels - Global, by Resource Category or by Resource.

  • Set up Opening Hours globally
  • Special hours for Holidays or Special Days can be set
  • Hours for Resource Categories or indivdiual Resources can be made within Opening Hours
  • What appears on your website and how it appears can be individualised
  • A Custom Header can be inserted into the Basic Web Page.
  • Prices can be attached to Basic Resources
  • Your local time zone can be set

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 Data Management

Customer data can be input by individual Traders or by users themselves. Initially much of the data will be input by participating Traders, but as the website becomes more popular, I anticipate that users will register on Smart Space with the express purpose of finding a Trader that meets their requirements. Features include:

  • One registration that Users use for all Traders
  • Duplicate registration checks
  • Individual customer registration for each Trader
  • Easy search functions
  • Minimise your active list to reduce list load times
  • Hosted on a secure server
  • Email easily to search lists

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Membership Manager

Additionally, a Membership layer can be added to your data management. The Membership Manager has all the features that a gym or sports club needs:

  • Create unlimited Membership Types
  • Individualise Join sources
  • Measure Membership Campaigns
  • Enable/limit  Suspensions
  • Auto record 3 party payments
  • Sell memberships online and record actual payments
  • Check in panel
  • Align Checkins with Bookings
  • Create unlimited Membership Benefits which flow through  to pricing of all affected products and services at point of sale
  • Get Reports

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Online Bookings

Managing resource/court bookings are a big part of the Smart Space system. As well as being highly configurable, Bookings intergrate with a wide scope of other tools in Smart Space:

  • Configure a wide range of options including but not restricted to:
    • Who sees the Booking sheet? Staff or all registered
    • Apply pricing to resources and how pricing operates - time based or service based
    • Types of communications allowed between those who have booked in as a group
    • Time and number of resources required
    • Booking intervals and minimum bboking times
    • Terms and conditions for online sales
  • Attach a booking to a program or service or to an individual
  • Make a booking regular and configure the regular booking template
  • Attach pricing to a booking depending on the Resource, program or service and membership status of those attending
  • Checks for double bookings,
    • advanced booking limits,
    • staff availablility and
    • opening status of Trader
  • Record participation of all attendees including aligning check in with booking
  • Set Booking status as cancelled or paid or no show
  • Advance booking by a week or change booking days and/or times
  • View booking day as a matrix or as a summary

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 Products and Prices

You can attach prices to every product or service that you have in Smart Space:

  • Set "specials" for limited periods
  • Set prices for set times
  • Auto start new prices at date of your choosing
  • integrate prices with online sales adjusted according to Membership Status if required
  • Set multi unit discounts if required
  • Create vouchers and configure face value and time limits if necessary

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Programs, Services and Competitions

Programs can be created which have a wide scope from Competitions to Services. You can then create any number of "Instances" of these Programs which can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Create unlimited program types
  • Create an unlimited number of  "Program Instances"
  • Configure in a number of ways...
  • Price
  • Which Resource Category it can be booked into
  • What communications those who participate in it have with each other
  • Whether Users can access Booking Groups attached to the Instance
  • What service staff can be used with the instance
  •  Reserve your place prior to Program commencing
  • Attach Booking Groups to the Instance
  • Carry forward Booking Groups from one period or season to the next quickly and easily
  • Create a Competition around the Instance and the attached Booking Groups
  • Manage the Competition on a week to week basis
  • Enable online viewing of the Competition Draw

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Communications and Promotions(Beta)

Communicate with indivduals or large groups of customers with ease. Individualised communications by emailcan be sent in bulk in a targeted way...

  • Send to any or all of those involved in Programs, Instances or Booking Groups
  • Send to all those in custom search results
  • Send to those in special age and birthday reports
  • Invite current Smart Space customers to register with you business
  • Configure emails to inlcude (if required)
    • Unsubscribe information
    • Login details
    • Information on Smart Space
    • Booking Group info
  • Find out who was sent the emails and who need to be contacted in other ways

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Staff Management

Manage staff to deleiver greater productivity. USe your expertise to help guide staff iin their day to day tasks and actions. Set specific tasks for specific staff or include in the daily diary for any/all to attend to.

  • Save task templates for later use
  • Attach templates to Programs or events
  • Set up timelines to ensure timely completion of important work
  • Program repetitive or recurring tasks
  • Set up Staff Rosters based on your own Roster Templates
  • Get filtered reports to reduce unecessary oversight of satisfactory work
  • Determine the level of access that staff are entitled to, to ensure safety of data

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Content Management

Smart Space enables Traders (and in the futrure, ordinary users) to create unlimited amounts of Content. Some features of the Content Manager include:

  • Configuring your website Front Page to display different content
  • Allowing users to participate in some forms of content through your own forum
  • Creation of your sets of Terms and Conditions or Service rules which can be attached to online sales
  • Add menu items to your website linked to specific content
  • Format the content as you would any popular word processing document
  • Add albums and images to your content
  • Upload other documents and link in when and if necessary

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Future Developments

 Smart Space is continually improving and updating. The date of the top of this document will tell you how current it is. We will attempt to keep it up to date with the all the lastest features that have been added in recent times.

Some of the features that are in the development stages or further down the pipeline are:

  • Greater management of Promotions
  • More reports
  • Basic Products database and online sales of those products
  • Greater number of user oriented features including dialy calendar and diary
  • Basic accounting package which will be exportable
  • Integration of Smart Space into other specialised and proprietary systems different payment gateways, and competitions and payment systems
  • A greater breadth of options available for a wider range of industries

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If you are in an industry that uses Bookable Resources but would like a more tailored package than the more Sports oriented pakage we provide here contact Raymond Strachan  at  admin at smartspace dot ws.  We would be only too happy to look at how we can develop Smart Space for your industry at no extra cost to you.

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