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Transfer Nominations/Reservations to Teams/Groups

SmartSpace allows website owners to create events, competitions and packages, then allow online entry into those events.

This document deals with the transfer of entries into the team and groups of the event.

Management Interface

You can reach the groups page in two ways:

Control Panel > Groups 

Membership Manager > Groups

From the Groups page...

Select a category(click) > Select an Instance(click) > More (action menu) > Manage Reservation Records manage reservation records

All the nominations/reservations/entries that have been received to date are displayed i

A tick in the Done box on the left, indicates that the record has been processed (this may mean different things to different people - you decide).

  • If the Done box is surrounded by a yellow background, payment has been made for the entry,
    • Otherwise details for each record are contained on the entry line,
    • If you have option questions available for the nomination record, holding the cursor over the record name will show you the values that have been entered.
  • If you have enabled ticketing for the event, a light yellow background will appear over the entrant's name when the ticket has been sent to that person
  • If there are divisions available for entry, the division selected will be visible.
  • If you need to edit that entry, click the relevant record;
    • Reselect values as necessary,
    • If you are to record payment, click the Mark As Paid box,
    • Save the changes,
    • The changed selections will be immediately available on the page after processing.

Resending Tickets

You can resend a ticket to any person on the list by doing the following:

  • Tick the Send box adjacent to the person's name (box second from right)
  • Select Resend Tickets in the area underneath the list
    • Note that no other processing will occur when you make this selection
    • Important!! Tickets will get sent regardless of the payment status of the record, if selected
  • Click Process Records
    • The tickets should be sent if they have a valid email address in their personal record
  • Sometimes tickets will end up in the person's junk folder, so if they do not receive them, tell them to check this location

Transferring Records

You can transfer each record to a group or team associated with the event instance and save some extra data when doing so.

The empty fields available on each line allow you to save extra data when the record is transferred.

Depending on the structure of your event, you may transfer those on the list all in one transaction, or in multiple transactions.

Before the transfer, you may need to set some values in the lower portion of the page underneath the list of entries.

If there is a division displayed in the entry, the record will be transferred to that division, by default, if no other selections are made.

  • You can refine the transfer by adding a Rank in the lower portion of the form;
    • If no division is showing in the record, you can insert both Grade and Rank,
    • You must tick the records to be sent in the Send tick box for them to be transferred.
  • Click here for more information on the meaning of grades, rank and division.
  • You can untick the Send Marked Records field if you do not require that the records get transferred,
    • Instead, they will simply be marked as processed.
  • You can create Groups on the fly, by leaving the Create New Group field ticked,
    • If you leave this field ticked, you must ensure that values inserted into the Grade or Rank fields are consistent (this includes capitalisation).
  • You can use the Position and AltPos (alternate Position) fields for your own purposes;
    • The Position field accepts up to 5 characters,
    • The AltPos field accepts up to 30 characters.
  • If you wish to delete all records that are not being sent, tick the Delete All Records field,
    • Otherwise tick the Delete box in the individual records that you want to delete.
  • Click Process Reservations to start the transfer or process.
  • The resultant page displays the status of the selected records, which will also show up in the new list.

View Transfer Results

View the results of your transfer on the Groups page (see above).

  • Click the Show All link to view the groups that have been created;
    • Click on one of the groups to view the individuals that have been placed into the groups with the values that you have assigned,
    • The names of the groups may have been automatically assigned, so you may edit them to suit your purpose.
  • Changing the Group Name will not affect future transfers, however, you should not change the Grade or Rank or Grade/Division as this will affect future transfers.
  • You can add other names to the group, manually if you wish,
    • Select an individual from the drop down list and click Add Name and Save Info.
  • If you need to add further values to the selected names, do so and click Save Extra Inputs.

More About Payment

If users have nominated themselves, online, they pay for their nomination through the shopping basket.  Even if an administrator has entered them, and there is an amount due, a shopping basket is created for the nominated person.

They can then login, view/manage their basket and pay their account.

  • When a user pays an account with a nomination record in it, the nomination record gets marked as paid.
  • Administrators can also mark the payment within the processing interface.
    • Simply click on the name of the nomination record and tick the Mark As Paid field and update the record.
  • If a user deletes their nomination record in their shopping basket, it also gets deleted from the nomination records.
  • If you need payment for a nomination, you should not process that record until payment has been made.
    • Once a user commits to payment (either through PayPal or by an alternate payment method) they can no longer delete their nomination record.

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