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Setting Up the Membership Manager

Before starting to use the Membership Manager, you need to set up the preferences to tailor the system to suit your Club or Business.  Read more on what the Membership Manager can do, here.

Setting Preferences for the Membership Manager

  1. Membership Terminology
    • If you decide to make Memberships available on the internet or show information on Memberships, this is the terminology that will be used.  It will also be seen in the Membership Manager.
  2. Membership Message
    • This is the message that will be seen on the Membership Page link above information about specific messages.
  3. Info Required
    • Check this box if you require those who are registering with you to provide these details (it does not check the accuracy or format of the input).
  4. Special Features
    • Check this box if you want access to special Membership management features - leaving unchecked provides a simpler management interface.  Check the box if you require the following;
    1. Online Membership sales,
    2. Smart pricing for Bookings and Product Sales,
    3. Setting up payment plans for Members.
  5. Max Suspensions
    • This sets the maximum number of weeks Members can suspend their membership (and add time onto their membership expiry date) - it works in full weeks only.
  6. Welcome Code
    • This determines what code is used for Membership and for reading Membership numbers in the Welcome screen.  If changing over to SmartSpace, you can keep previous Membership numbers and have the system Auto generate new codes.  This should not be changed once a selection is made and Members start to be registered.
  7. Open Window
    • This gives you the option of how you want the Membership Manager to open.  Please note that if you select the Manager to open in the same window, you can navigate back to the Main Page using the Small SmartSpace logo on the top left of the window.
  8. Welcome Screen
    • You can have the Welcome Screen appear in the Membership Manager window should you choose.  If you make this selection you will not be able to use the Quick Search or Summary Selection features as well.
  9. Activate Reader
    • You can set up a Bar Code reader attached to this system.  It provides the Welcome Message to be automated with a swipe.
  10. Match Attendance
    • If you also operate a Bookings subscription, the system will recognise people who are booked in when they are welcomed and they are automatically put onto the booking attendance list.  If pricing is also set up, the amount they need to pay (if any) will also be accounted for.
  11. Adjust Pay Templates
    • Pay Templates operate independently of Prices.  If prices have been changed, but the booking template has not, if a membership sale has been made online, the new price and new subscription payments will be calculated.
  12. Lapse Period
    • If you charge a Joining Fee as part of an online membership sale, you can set the number of weeks that a membership has been lapsed for, before the joining fee gets charged again.

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