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Uploading and Managing Files + Images for Businesses/Clubs/Traders

SmartSpace allows Users and Businesses/Clubs/Traders to upload and store files and images on the SmartSpace servers.  At present there are separate forms for images and files.  The system will not allow you to upload ordinary files through the image uploader and vice versa.

Managing Images

  • The full Image Management system is only available through the content manager, although limited versions of the system is also available through the Membership Manager.
  • Only .jpg, .png and .gif formats are supported - other formats will not upload.
  • You can upload large images although you should reduce images that will be seen on the internet.  If you leave the Resize box checked, the image will be resized to no greater than 600px x 400px either in landscape or portrait formats.
  • The image needs to be named - the file itself will be renamed and saved into a database.  You can then access it by the name you have given it.  You can change the name you have given it at any time.
  • All images need to be saved into an album.  If you do not have an album already saved, and you do not name an album, the system will create one for you.  Those who have full access to the content manager can display their albums publicly on the internet should they choose.
  • To manage an image, simply select an image either through an album or through an image drop down list.  Edit or delete as required.  You can also get the URL of the image from this interface so as to use it for developing your own content.  You should not hotlink these images from other websites apart from those powered by SmartSpace.
  • Your images may appear reduced in size in some management areas or in albums, but will always be displayed in their true size when displayed as content.
  • As of July 2008, when an image is uploaded in the membership manager as part of a profile, the image gets attached to the Indivdual's record, not the Business/Club/Trader's record - support for multiple profiles will be featured in future versions of SmartSpace.

Managing Files

  • You can upload any type of file onto the SmartSpace servers as long as it is under 2 Mb in size.  The file will be stored in the forms sub-directory of your SmartSpace directory.
  • Uploading files with the same name as one already on the Server, will replace the old file - it will not ask for confirmation.
  • Change the name of the source file if you want both versions of the same file to remain.
  • The files that are uploaded will be listed in the File Manager.

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