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Managing Memberships Through Reports

Membership Reports have some features which assist in the management of the membership.

  • Click on the person's name, then click "Get Summary" to go to their Summary page,
  • You can edit or view their payment history for the membership,
  • You can edit their Membership History,
  • You can confirm payments (network systems only),
  • You can allow clubs to record the payments that have been made for Network membership, then, you can confirm this later when you receive the clubs reconciliation of memberships,
  • You can get a report on those memberships that have not been confirmed - only the network leader can confirm,
  • You can confirm from the report interface, but you cannot unconfirm - you will need to go to the person's indivdual record to do that,
  • You can print cards from the report interface also - note that if a pic. is not present the link to the printing of cards will not work,
  • The "Print" link or the date can be clicked to print a card,
  • Note that only where a card set up is completed will a card print,
  • Also note that once a card is printed, the report will not reflect the printing immediately (not until the report page is refreshed),
  • Printed card status and confirmed payments status are shown in the membership summary as well,
  • Click on "Reload Report" to return to the report after managing records.

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