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Details of Smart Space Set Up Charges

September 18 2008

Included in set up charges:

  1. Data Migration
    • Migration of Individual data
    • Other data which can be migrated is extra
    • Migration into the Smart Space MySql database from the following formats
      • SQL compliant databases
      • CSV files
      • Spreadsheet file fomrats (eg .xls)
      • Tab delimited formats
    • Data loss into the new format cannot be guaranteed (old data remains the same)
    • Purging of corrupt or obselete data is not included
  2. System Set up
    • Set up of relevant modules with default values
    • If in a network, creation of relevant linkages
    • Checking of user inputs for website set up
    • Does not inlcude
      • Entry of specific values and text unique to individual trader or club
      • Prices and membership types
      • Descriptions of products, services, contacts or instances and groups thereof
      • Website content
  3. Training
    • A total of 4 hours face to face or web based training
    • In the case of face to face training, users provide all facilities and access and travel costs if applicable
    • Access to internet based training dependant on user access and compatibility to web based conference and training systems
  4. Support
    • Intensive support includes 4 hour response time to internet based support and phone help line for immediate assistance
    • Monitoring of system use and feedback to users
    • Intensive support and monitoring lasts for one month
    • Addition of special reports for users when report is not available as standard


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