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Creating and Managing Staff/Officials for Networks

Smart Space allows for the creation of hierarchical networks. This is espsically useful for small franchises and business networks or for clubs and assocations. Smart Space can currently supports 2 network levels (support for 3 levels coming soon)

Network managers can create and manage access to Smart Space (and their business/club websites) for staff and officials of their network members. This is the recommended procedure for setting up this access.

Basic Terminology

  • Trader -  A club or business or an association entity
  • Network - a connected number of Traders consisting of a Network leader and Network members ( 2 level network)
  • Network Manager - the person who is listed as "Manager" in the Trader record for the network leader
  • Trader Manager - the person who is listed as "Manager" in the Trader record for a network member
  • Trader Staff - those staff or club officials who are active staff members in each trader record

Basic Concepts

  • Each Network Member website is a separate entity
  • Only the Network Manager has initial access to Network member websites - ordinary staff do not.
  • Each Network Member has the ability to block normal access of the Network Manager to their website
  • Trader Managers have complete access to their own website, but no access to others in the network (except public pages)
  • Managers do not have to be included in staff records unless they need to access advanced features of the roster system and the booking system
  • Managers can set up access for others equivilant to their own or provide restricted access as required

Setting Up Network Access

1. Create or Confirm Individual records for Managers and Staff

  • When first setting up not all individual records may be in the system
  • It is also possible that individual records may be in the system of the Network Leader but not in the system of the relevant Trader

Smart Space allows Network managers to handle these scenarios easily.

When  relevant records are not in either the Trader or the Network database, create all the individual records in the Network leader database using the "New Customer/Participant" link in the  Membership Manager:

  1. Fill in the personal details
    • In the "Primary Club " field, select the relevant Club/Trader from the selection
    • This ensures that that person is also linked to that Club/Trader
    • Ensure that a valid email address is included in the record
  2. Save or update the record
  3. Repeat this process for all Individuals who do not have a record with the relevant Trader or for those who have not accessed the system previously
  4. If names are already in the database, use exactly the same procedure to ensure relevant names are in Trader databses
  5. If you know all names are already in relevant databases, go immediately to step 2

2. Record Trader Managers and Trader Staff

Adding Person as a Trader Manager:

  1. Click on the "Home" icon in the Membership Manager page to return to the main Smart Space page of the Network Leader
  2. Click on Staff Manager (left Staff menu)
    • All network members will be listed along with the Name of the current manager - this may be you or it may be blank
  3. Click on one of  the listings you wish to change - this takes you to the Trader record
    • Edit as necessary 
    • select the relevant person as Manager from the drop down list
  4. Update the Trader record

If you need to add other staff as well:

  1. Click on Staff Manager
  2. Click on "Add Staff Member"
  3. Select Option 2 -Add a current customer - and "Proceed to Staff Registration"
    • This takes you to the registration page - the first time you will see the individual record which you can edit as necessary - subsequent visits to this page does not inlcude the individual record
    • Tick the "Send Login Details" box.
    • This sends a special email to the person advising of their administrative access and giving them their log in details once the record is updated/saved
  4. Add values to the Staff form
    • Select a role - it can be any value apart from Applicant
    • Insert a Short Name (eg their common or first name)
    • Insert a user access level (5 = Trader Manager, 3=Normal staff access)
    • A valid date must be in the First Employed field
  5. Update Individual and Save Staff Info
  6. Add as many Staff as necessary
  7. Return to the Staff Manager page of the Network Leader website using links on the left
    • Make a new selection from the list and repeat the process until complete
    • When complete, return to the Staff Manager page of the Network Leader

You can now send log in details along with a more detailed message to Trader Managers

  1. Click on "Email to This List"
    • This takes you to a form where you can create a message which will be automatically  indivdualised for each recipient
    • You can view who this is being sent to at any time by clicking "Review Targets" near the top of the form
  2. Create your message
    • If you want to put links into the message put in the relevant web address on a single line using the floowing format
    • it is easiest if you go to the link beforehand and save the address using Ctrl+C and use Ctrl+V to paste it into the form
    • You can add a custom footer in addition to any that you have previously saved in Trader Preferences
    • Make sure you tick the "Send Login details with email" selection - this will send the log in details to all managers along with your special message.
    • You can make other selections with respect to  unsubscribe links etc should you choose
    • You can review your message and associated selections once you have finished
    • You can easily make changes to the message or the selections before sending
  3. Send Emails

Once sent, you can easily review the message and see the sending results by following the "Manage Group Emails" link on the right

  1. Once each person logs into Smart Space, they can use the "My Connections" link to navigate to the relevant web pages
  2. Once they land on their own site, their staff menu will appear automatically
  3. Smart Space detects each set of user preferences and permissions and grants access on a page by page basis
  4. Log in details should never be shared - each user should have their own Smart Space log in details and records for staff and manager access.


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