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Adding Icons to the Top Menu and Content Titles

The Top Menu is an auto generated menu which contains links to;

  • Home Page,
  • Bookings Page (where available),
  • Membership Information (where available),
  • What's On (when configured),
  • Listed pages under the Top Menu content category.

When the Top Menu appears in a SmartSpace website template you can replace the text with icons.  The icons are uploaded using the image upload system, but there are certain requirements for uploading to ensure the icons appear on your website.

Upload Instructions;

  • Images must be in the .png format,
  • Images should normally not be more than 20 pixels high - refer to the template manual for variations,
  • All uploaded images in the menu should be of the same height - use transparency or background colour to mask different shaped icons if necessary,
  • You must create a "menu" album or use the current menu album to save the icons into,
  • the name of the icon should be the same as the link title;
    • it must be in all lowercase letters,
    • all spaces must be removed,
    • E.g. a link named "Contact Us" would have a matching image named "contactus.png".

Content Titles - Image Replacement

You can replace the Title of your Content Page with an image.  Simply upload the image into an album named "Titles", and it will appear in the content editor.

  • Click "Show Advanced Content Settings" to expose the Title Image selector.
  • The image will replace the text title when it appears on your web page.

Other Important Points

  • Images saved into the Menu album or Titles album are treated differently to other images;
    • no copies are made of the images,
    • the images retain their name (images in other albums are renamed).
  • To change an image, use the Album Management system to delete the image then upload a new one.
  • Do not place non alpha-numeric characters in the link titles of Top Menu content.
  • If changing the name of content which appears in the Menu, you must change the name of the icon by uploading a new one or use an existing one with a matching name.
  • Your icons will only appear when viewing your website under its own domain name, e.g.  Icons will not appear when viewing the site under the address.

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