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Personal Online Membership Management

Allowing Members to Self Manage Pending Memberships

SmartSpace allows traders and clubs to let their members manage their own personal contact details including:

  • Updating their own personal data
  • Allowing them access to their personal record with each trader or club
  • Allowing them to re join annually including allowing online payments and membership selections
  • Presenting basic surveys or questionaires in the review process

Pending Memberships and Other Tools

Pending memberships can be created to streamline the membership renewal process for clubs and association networks. Pending Memberships are the most effective way to renew fixed term annual memberships, popular with many clubs and sporting organisations. By renewing memberships in bulk via the pending status, the number of clicks required to renew will be reduced by at least 50% in the vast majority of cases.

Pending memberships also allow administrators to use the reports system to communicate with all pending members for the purpose of initiating personal review of personal and club/trader related details including questionaires.

Initiation of the updating process will take them through each step of updating all required personal information and providing the opportunity to pay online if required. This reduces the amount of work administrators have to do to maintain accurate and relevant personal data on their members.

Emails can be sent to all pending members by using the reports system. Each person with a valid email address gets sent a personalised email advising of their login and links details.  Administrators can report on all those who have or have not followed this process for follow up and manual processing purposes.

Step By Step Instructions on Self Managing Memberships

Create The Pending Memberships

(Please note: With Membership Networks, the network manager amy have already performed the following tasks in this section)

  1. Open the Membership Manager and follow the path Membership Types > Bulk Renewal
  2. Enter the End Dates of the memberships that need to be renewed
  3. All memberships that fit the criteria and which have not yet been renewed will be copied into pending memberships at the current price
  4. Create the memberships - a message advising of the number of successful and unsuccessful (if any) pending memberships which were created will result

Setting Up Online Payments If Required

  1. If you wish to offer online payments to your members you must set up a PayPal account and set up SmartSpace payment preferences
    • Go to for detailed information on setting up your PayPal account or to find out more about PayPal
    • Please note that it is free to set up a PayPal account but there are small processing fees for online payments
  2. In SmartSpace, follow the path from your Staff Menu: Prices/Products > Payment Preferences
    • Please note that you must not tick the PayPal Activated box until you have confirmation that your PayPal account is active.
    • Set the other values as required
    • Please note that configuration of tax can occur either in PayPal or in SmartSpace - you may need to test to ensure that configurations are correct
    • If you do not pay GST/VAT, do not set a tax value

Let Your Members Know

  1. Go to the Reports page and make the following filter selections then get the report
    • Report format: Membership Summary
    • Membership Status: Pending Memberships only
    • Membership Type: Select from the drop down list
  2. You can review the list to ensure that it is accurate
  3. Go to the bottom of the list and click on "Email to this List"
  4. Write an email to the members
    • Each email will commence with a personalised greeting eg "Hi Sue"
    • Write the email as you would normally informing the members in general terms of what is happening 
    • You might give them some general instructions on what they need to do although links to more detailed information will be included
    • Check the selections that are required to auto advise members of personal information:
      • Send Logins
      • Send Updating Link
      • More Info on SmartSpace (not essential)
  5. Review the email before sending
  6. You can review who got the emails and who did not

What Your Members Can Do

  1. Members will receive a personaised email containing the text your wrote plus additional information you may have sent
    • Login details: They will receive username and password details plus some simple instructions on logging in.
    • Updating link: a link which they can click on will be included for the purpose of reviewing their personal information including survey information
    • SmartSpace Information: A link which go to some basic information on Smart Space will be included
  2. Once they click on the link and login, they will be taken through the process required to update their information
    • If you have set up for online payment, a link will be provided at the last step for them to make their payment, although it will not be required
    • Other links are available through your SmartSpace webpage an their "My Activities" link, which also take them through the payment process
    • If they do decide to pay online, their payment history will be updated accordingly and the pending membership status removed
    • PayPal provides reports of all payments made through their system.
    • Reports will also soon be available in SmartSpace on all payments that have been recorded (either by administrators or members)
  3. Reports of updated records etc can be seen by administrators in the Reports section of the Membership Manager.
  4. Members can view their membership status in the My Activities page

Please note: Some Clubs and Associations have additional processes which may be required over and above those provided by SmartSpace. Some Clubs are part of Sports networks or associations which allow clubs to process association memberships.

Plese consult your Association administrator if in a sports association or network to ensure the processes above conform to their practices.

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