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Smart Tabs

Smart Tabs enable website template builders to make mouseover effects on items in their main menu, remain, when the selected page (or associated pages) are visited

Usually, when a mouse goes over an item in the main menu, some form of effect is created to show that the link is live. normally once the mouse leaves the area, the link resumes its normal state.

with Smart Tabs, you can keep the mouseover state if the link is being viewed. There are two options

  1. Exact Match - When the page is the exact match of the main menu link or one of the items which populates the associated sub menu, the mouse over effect remains in force if the page or associated page is being viewed
    • This is ideal if you use the system to generate links and sublinks
    • Also ideal if many items in your main menu belong to the same category
    • Tab will be live if one of the items in the sub menu is being viewed
  2. Category Match - If your navigation is designed to lead to a category of content, by linking to one page in that content you can highlight the link when any page in that category is being visited
    • Items in the sub menu are ignored.
    • Ideal when your main menu links belong to different categories of content or products and
    • When you link to a product or content category page which contains links to other pages in that category

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