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Setting Up General Trader Settings

Your SmartSpace General Trader Settings determine what you and your users will see on your website or listing.

The Set Up

  1. In the web site setup, SmartSpace automatically generates a directory for your files to be located in;
    • This name shows as Smart Space web address:>[mydirectoryname] on the General Trader Settings page.
    • This name cannot be changed once saved.
  2. The Web Address used for the website (Primary Domain Name) is listed here if available;
    • All Domain Names you intend to use with the web site should be listed in the Global Site Details.
  3. Enter some Website Keywords and Website Description as these are used for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes;
  4. Adjust Server Time to your local time. This is important to those who run a booking sheet.
  5. Insert the starting month of your Financial/operational year - this helps with archiving of records and is extremely important.
  6. We advise to leave your site off the SmartSpace directory until fully set up and operational, by unticking this option.
  7. The Contact Panel settings only apply to non template websites and free listings - configure as required.
  8. The Map configuration applies to auto generated maps;
    • These appear automatically in the Contact panels.
  9. Save and review.

If Setting Up for the first time, Please Note:

Review Your Preferences

  1. Depending on the modules you have chosen, you will also need to configure each module individually otherwise default settings will be used.
  2. You will need to set up Prices, if your wish to activate pricing as part of your system.
  3. Do not set your Payment Preferences until your have set up all your prices.
  4. Ensure that you set up other preferences before using those modules.
  5. Please note that the content management module always opens up in a separate tab or window.

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