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Basic Spaces Set Up

Getting the System Working

Initial Set up of your Smart Spaces should go in the following order to get your online booking sheet working:

  1. Go to the Set Up Wizard which will help guide you through the set up process
    • Trader Contact information
    • Trader Preferences for Smart Space - You can now get a FREE listing
    • Bookable Resources - You can now get a FREE basic web page
    • Opening Times- You can now use our online Booking Sheet for FREE
    • Smart Space payment  - Use the whole Smart Space systeml

Bookable Resouces

  1. After settting up the Basic Trader Information you will be taken to the Bookable Resources Page. If you are returning to the wizard , click the Set Up Resources link to define  the Resource Categories. They  might include categories like:
    • Squash Courts
    • Tennis Courts
    • Pool
    • Gym
    • Meeting Rooms
  2. Put the selected category name into the "Resource Category" field
  3. The "Space Category Description" field appears in your listing to describe the resources in this category. Make it descriptive but brief
  4. Set "Booking Intervals" at the periods at which booking sessions may start. This will probably be 30 minutes for many court based activities
  5. If you want the general public to see your booking sheet for this resource, ensure the 'Enable display for remote registered users.' box is checked. This setting only overrides your overall preferences if they have not been set to display Booking Sheets.
  6. If your minimum booking time is different to your Booking interval set the time, otherwise leave blank
  7. 'Min Time for Advance Booking' indicates the minimum time between remote users making a booking and when that booking occurs in this category. If you leave this blank, users can book right up until the booking starts.
  8. When first setting up this Resource you will not be able to select a Price Code for this resource.
    • If you decide to set up prices, you need to come back later after setting up the prices, to set this field
    • Select 'Basic Resource Hire" in the "Product Code" field
    • After setting the Price Code, you will need to indicate how many Minimum Booking Periods the price code relates to
  9. You can choose whether or not you require payment from remote users when booking. Please Note that at present Smart Space only supports the PalPal payment gateway.
    • You must have a verified PayPal account and have set up your Pal Pay Preferences (under Smart Space account in the Control Panel) for this feature to work fully, otherwise your system may malfunction
    • If you wish to have use your own payment gateway, please contact us for setting up your payment pages (there is no Smart Space fee for this service)
  10. Select the "Save" button depending on whether you wish to save more than one category or not

Setting Up Bookable Resources (Spaces)

  1. You can set up your Bookable Resources or Spaces one at a time if each in the Resource Category are different or all at once if many in the resource category are the same
  2. Set the number you want to create, in the first field, "Create this number of identical spaces". If you select a number greater than one, it will create a sequentially numbered set
  3. In Space Name record the name of the space (eg Squash Court) and put the number of the first court in the adjoining field. In this way you could first set up 3 solid back Squash courts starting at "1" and three glass back Squash courts starting at "4" (this would be done in two separate operations)
  4. In "Space Code" abbreviate your Space Name (eg Squash Court 1 will become "SCrt1")
  5. Select from the previously created Resource Categories, the Resource Group your Space belongs to
  6. You will need to set the Price Code after setting them up.
  7. Leave the "Activate" box checked (If unchecked no one - including you, will be able to view this space in the booking sheet)
  8. Only set values in the grey box at the bottom if you wish to override your global settings
  9. When setting times use 24 hour format eg 2.30pm = 14:30
  10. Save and review

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