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Regular Bookings

Regular Bookings are managed by "Templates" which operate separately but along side the regular bookings themselves.

The Regular Bookings page usually displays all current and future templates for the day in question. You can filter the templates with the selectors at the top of the page.

Only records with a Booking Cycle with a multiple of 7 will be displayed if a day has been selected. You need to select "All Days" if you wish to view records which have a cycle other than weekly.

Creating a Regular Booking
  1. Make an ordinary booking, saving all the associated information that will go to make up the regular booking
  2. Once saved, open up the booking again and select the "Save as Regular" item in the "Booking Options" menu
  3. Your regular booking is saved as a template(see below) but no additional regular bookings have been made so far
  4. The regular booking has been saved with a 7 day cycle. To change any of the detail of the Regular Booking Template, open the "[Day] Regulars" Tab on the booking page.(see below)
Regular Booking Templates
A Regular Booking Template is a copy of the original Regular Booking but with no dates attached. There are two elements to Regular Booking Templates (RBTs)
  • The booking details (times, resources etc, copied from the original booking)
  • Booking Parameters (date limits, booking cycle etc which determine when future bookings can be made)
  • Please note that while a check is made of dates, times and resources when making a booking, there is no such conflict checking with RBTs. You must make your own checks.
Regular Booking Parameters
  • To ensure control of Regular Bookings, date parameters are set.
  • The overarching "Date Limit" at the top of the page can be overridden by unticking the adjacent tick box, otherwise no bookings will be made after that date.
  • The "Effect From" and Effect To" fields set the date limit of that RBT.
  • When no dates are set, these fields will be populated by dates of the Program Instance of the RBT if  set.
  • Regular bookings can be suspended by setting "Suspend Fr" and/or "Suspend To" fields.
  • The "Next Booking" made is always calculated using the BookingCycle and the last Booking Date.
  • Negative values can be used to 'back book'
  • Parameter values can be changed on a one off basis - simply change the value and click "Make Booking" or Next Booking" depending if you are making multiple or single bookings
Editing Regular Booking Templates
To edit the Booking Parameters
  • You can change a number of records at once by editing any/all records
  • Select "Update All" at the top of the page. This will update all items in the list.
  • To update just one item, edit and select "Update" on that record
  • You can make Bookings using a temporary change in the Booking Parameters by altering any/all of the paramter values and clicking  "Next Booking" to save using those temporary values that were in the form. Those values will not be saved - just used that one time
To edit the Booking details
  • Select the "Manage Template" link in the selected item. Edit in the normal way as you would a booking.
  • Changing the Template details has NO EFFECT on bookings already made, only bookings made after any changes
Associated Bookings
"View Bookings" enables traders to view all bookings associated with a Regular Booking Template. You can see participation patterns as well as being able to view all Bookings individually.

This is a handy tool when evaluating the reliability of regular bookings

Deleting RBTs
Deleting an RBT is not recommended unless it has no significant information associated with it. Do NOT delete templates unless all associated information has also been deleted.
To remove the record from the default display, set the Effect To date as any date before today. It automatically disappears from the "Live" list, but still can be accessed when "Archive" is selected

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