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Woking with Rosters

After you have created a Roster Template, you can create a real Roster using the template. Carry out the following basic steps:
  1. Go to the Control Panel and select Manage Roster Templates
  2. Click on the name of one of your pre saved Roster Templates
  3. Click Create a Real Roster just above the template matrix
  4. Insert the basic details of the roster
    • If you have saved a Roster before, the date of the next Roster will automatically be inserted
    • If not, select the date you want the Roster to start (note the start day is correct)
    • The number of cycles indicates the number of times you want the Roster to be saved (eg a 14 day roster saved for 3 cycles will create a Roster lasting  42 days )
    • Assign your staff members to the staff numbers  indiciated in the Roster.
  5. Save the Roster
Once the Roster is saved, you can edit individual shifts or add shifts to the Roster (Note that changes to Roster does NOT affect the Template that it is based on.)
To change the details of the Roster:
  1. Click on the colour coded shift
  2. Change the details of the shift by
    • Selecting a Shift Template or
    • Creating a Custom shift and selecting the Shift type
  3. You can also create a new Shift Template as explained in the Shift Template help file
  4. Update the Shift record
To Create a new Shift:
  1. Click on the +++ symbol
  2. Use a Shift template or Create a new Shift Template
  3. Save Shift and Return

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