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A Guide to Staff Acess Levels

Staff and officials of Organisations which use the SmartSpace system are provided with access to the management of the system through the Staff Manager.  Navigate to this area via Control Panel > Staff Manager.

How much is accessed by each individual staff person or official is determined by an access level.

More on how to set up staff can be found here.

Access Levels

The access level assigned to any individual is a number between 1 and 5 inclusive, 1 being the lowest level of access and 5 the highest.  For an individual to be considered a staff person, they must have an access level assigned to them.

  1. Access Level 1
    • At present, this level provides only nominal access to the backend of a SmartSpace website.
    • No actions can be carried out by a person with this access.
    • This may be reviewed in time, but we advise not to use this level at this stage.
  2. Access Level 2
    • Allows an individual to create and edit content, but not to publish.
    • Register customers.
    • Simple resource bookings.
  3. Access Level 3
    • This is the normal operational level of ordinary staff.
    • Allows access to all day to day management activities;
    • Content management and publication,
    • Customer and Membership management,
    • E-Store management,
    • Customer registration.
  4. Access Level 4
    • Manage Staff access up to level 3.
    • Manage general website settings.
  5. Access Level 5
    • Manage every aspect of the website.
    • Includes Global Website Settings.
    • Excludes changing the Website Manager as saved in the Trader record.
  6.  Website Manager - Nominal Access Level 6
    • The Website Manager has an effective level of 6 even though access is exactly the same as Level 5.
    • Has ultimate control over the website.
    • Level 6 cannot be saved in the Staff area and only exists for the Website Manager.
    • The Website Manager or SmartSpace staff are the only people who can change the name of the Website Manager in the Trader record.
    • The only person who can initially set up staff at level 5.
    • Once a person is Website Manager, they do not need to be also added as staff,
      • The exception is where the Staff Roster module is in use.
      • They must be listed as staff to be included in any rosters or work tasks.

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