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Working with Roster Templates

Before a Staff Work Roster can be set up, a Roster Template must be created. Any number of templates can be saved but only one Roster can be active at any one time.

Roster Templates are usually set up on a cycle which is a multiple of 7 days, but the system can cope with Templates not like this.

Warning: When working with Templates which have a cycle other than a multiple of 7 days, extra care need to be taken to ensure accuracy

Setting Up a Roster Template
  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select New Roster Template
  3. Fill out the basic requirements for the Template
    1. Name the Roster
    2. Select a Start Day (You should always select a  Start Day unless the Template does not operate on a multiple of a 7 day cycle)
    3. Set the number of days in the Cycle
    4. Nominate the number of Staff who will be on the Template
    5. This number should include the number of individuals  who work in your organisation during the roster period, even for only one shift
    6. When a staff person has more than one role one of which is attached to a Bookable Service, add another number to the total (see more detail in Shift Types below)
    7. More Staff can be added to the Template later
  4. When you are satisfied you have got it right, Save Roster Template
Once the Roster Template has been created, you need to fill out each shift during the Roster
  1. Click on the +++ symbol to create a new shift
  2. You need to pre save Shift Templates before inserting them into the Roster Template
  3. If you have not got Shift Templates saved or you need to edit or create a new one click Manage Shift Templates
    • When creating Shift Templates, you must fill out all the details in the form including the Shift Type
    • Shift Type helps colour code Rosters and Roster Templates for easier identification of Shifts
    • It will also be used by later versions of Smart Space to help create wage rates
    • Please Note: editing a shift Template will NOT change previously created shifts in the Roster Template
  4. Once you have created the Shift Templates required, click Save and Return
  5. Repeat this process until all shifts are completed
Important Information on Shift Types
Shift Types are used to Colour Code the Roster Matrix
The On Call selection is used as a means of including staff members when they play special roles. Features include:
  1. On Call is used in conjunction with Services to check availability of Staff which are attached to Program/Service instances
  2. If a Staff person only works when a service is booked, the system can allow bookings for that service based on the On Call settings for that Staff person
  3. The On Call hours are displayed in the What's On section of your website
  4. Bookings cannot be made by your customers outside of the available On Call hours
  5. This setting can also be used if your want a Staff person only available for services during part of their working day
  6. EG. If a staff person is required for counter service during certain busy periods but can deliver bookable services during quieter times, set up a separate On Call listing in addition to their Normal shift
Please Note: All Rosters are independent from Opening Times. Please be aware of these times when creating Templates.

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