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Embedding Media Files

SmartSpace supports the use of simple media files through embedding into content pages. Flash files can also be embedded, but playing will rely on the viewer having the correct software to view or listen.

Third party providers often provide code which can be embedded into content which enables files to be played on the webpage.

Follow the embedding instructions below to embed these files.

The easist way to place files into content is by using a media sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Here are some advantages of  using this type of site:

  • It provides a very efficient way of serving large videos and audio files to the public without affecting the speed of your website to other users
  • You don't have to worry if visitors have the correct software installed
  • You can show the video in different sized formats
  • Having videos on these sites can improve your search rankings for the topic of the file
  • It can expose your product or service to a wider market than just your small website

NB. Be aware of copyright issues in uploading videos

Embedding Code

To embed any code into SmartSpace content, open the content editor. In the editor toolbar is a item called "Source".

Clicking Source, exposes the html source code which makes your website look like it does - it formats  the text correctly.

  • Copy the code you want to embed (Ctrl+C)
  • In the text editor click "Source"
  • Select the place you want to place your code
    • Make sure it is not in between the start and and end tag (eg<p> and </p>)
  • Hit Ctrl+V to paste the code
  • Click "Source" again to revert to a formatted version of your content
  • Your video or player will appear
  • Edit and create your content as normal
  • Save your changes

If you want to use one of these services but do not want it to appear in a public list, check out the YouTube link below to find out how...

Making an unlisted YouTube video

Simple Audio or Flash File

If you want a simple .wav file to play when a page is opened, do the following:

  • Upload the file onto the server at Content Manager > Upload/Manage Files
  • Open up the text editor either as a New Post or edit an existing post
  • For a Flash file:
    • Click on the red f for Flash symbol in the editor toolbar
    • Click Browse Server and search for the uploaded file
    • Double click on the file, then click OK
    • You file will be embedded
    • If visitors have not got the software to play the file, a link will be shown  to obtain the download
  • For an Audio file
    • Follow the same process above, except click on the "Link" symbol
    • Select the file in the same way
    • When the page is opened, the audio file will play automatically
    • Please note that this method provides no control over whether the file will play or not.
    • The visitor's computer's native volume control can be used to manage volume, but it cannot switch it off

In general, be very carefull in embedding audio files into pages. Too many files can annoy visitors, sending them away prematurely, just the opposite to your intentions, I'm sure.




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