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Creating Membership Benefits

Membership benefits can be created on each and every Membership type. Key Points:
  • Unlimited Membership Types
  • Each Member can only have one membership at any one time
  • Membership benefits are only limited by the number of programs, products and services you offer.
  • benefits can be offered at three levels
    • Globally
    • Based on each product Category
    • Based on each Product, Program, Resource or Service (Events added later)
  • Open Up the Membership Benefits page either through the Membership Type list page or the Membership Type form page.
The wizard will guide you through the process...
  • Use the link Create a New membership Benefit
  • Select the Scope of the benefits (NB. When selecting all products, it means ALL PRODUCTS!)
  • Selecting By Product Category enables you to select either indivdual Products/Services or whole product categories
  • If you select All, you will be asked to input your discount. This is all that is required for this selection
  • When you select The Category option, you will be taken to the category list
    • Select which categories you wish to set benefits in
    • Select the scope of the benefits
  • If you selected All Products in the category, you will only need to fill out one discount for the category.
  • If you selected Select, you will be presented with a list of all the Programs, Products, Services or Resources in that category
  • Fill out the discounts as required
  • Set the Type of discount (either percentage(default) or whole value in your own currency)
When this process is completed, the system will automatically assign costs to individual customers based on their membership status (NB. Once a Membership has expired, benefits will no longer be available)
  • To update or delete a benefit, click on the link in the Benefits List
  • Update or delete as required
  • You can only update the value and type of benefit
  • If you want to change a Product Category, delete the existing one that you want to change , then create a new one using the wizard

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