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Setting Up Online Public Galleries

If you have the Website Template and Content Management modules (Business Basic Plan), setting up an online gallery for view by your website visitors is easy. SmartSpace uses its Album system to instantly create online galleries.

Upload Images

The first step in setting up an online gallery, is uploading the images which will make up the gallery.

When uploading images you must place these images into an "Album". This can be an existing album or a new one.

Upload all the images you want to see in the gallery into the same album. Ensure you name each image a name which relates directly to the image as this name will appear with the image in the gallery.

The image upload page page can be found at Content Manager > Upload Images

Read more details on uploading images and creating albums here

Making an Album and Its Images Public

To convert your uploaded images and album from simply an online storage space into a public online gallery you simply have to make the album, and all the images in it, public.

  • Navigate to Content Manager > Manage Albums
  • Tick both the Public View and Public Image fields
    • This sets the Album as being public and also sets all currently uploaded images in the album, public
  • If you want to remove an image from public view, navigate to the image and untick the Public field
    • Content Manager > Manage Albums > View Pictures (of the selected album) > (Click the selected image)
  • If you upload images into the album after setting the album as public, you must individually tick the Public field in the image management page to get it to appear in the public gallery
  • Your Gallery is ready to be seen on the internet
  • To remove a gallery from pubic view, simply Untick the Public View field in the Album Management area.

Create or Send Links

The final stage in creating public galleries is to provide or send links to your gallery or gallery archive

You can create links in emails, in your content text or through the menu system

Link to the Gallery Archive

The gallery Archive contains a list (or thumbnail images) of each of the public galleries that yoou have available.

  • The adress is where "" is your home page web address
  • To create a link in the Main Menu, you can use a widget to do so .
  • Select "Albums - Menu to a list of public albums" from the Auto Source selection list in the Main Menu tab of Website Templates
  • Insert 0 (zero) into the records returned field and 0 (zero)  into the Category ID field
  • To add a sub menu list of all the available albums, simply insert the number of records you want returned into the Records Returned field

Link To A Specific Gallery

The web address for a specific gallery is where 1234 is the Id of the Album which is to become the gallery

  • To Create a link in the Main Menu, follow the directions above for linking to an archive
  • Instead inserting 0 into the Category Id field, you must insert the ID number of the selected Album
  • This will link directly to the gallery page

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