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Setting Up Hours and Holidays and Special Days

Setting Up Opening Hours
  1. If you are closed on a day, leave the fields blank
  2. Use 24 hour format when setting times eg 14:30
  3. It is acceptable to insert 14.30. It will be automatically reformatted.
  4. If you close for a period throughout the day you can set up it up in the mid day close and open fields
  5. The system only allows for one closing period during the day
  6. Enter the Start date in the form d/m/yyyy. eg March 21st 2006 = 21/3/2006
  7. You do not need to set a finish date unless your expect to change your opening and closing times in the foreseeable future
  8. These times will appear on your web site and enable your Booking Sheet to be accurate.
  9. Save and review

Setting Up Holidays and Special days
  1. This feature allows your to maintain exact opening times on days where different opening hours apply.
  2. Click on the "Set Up Holiday Dates." link in the Control Panel
  3. Set the holiday date in the form d/m/yyyy
  4. If it is a multiday holiday set the finish date otherwise leave Finish Date blank
  5. Name the holiday or special day (eg Australia day)
  6. Record a message users will see when view that day's booking sheet
  7. If you are open restricted hours on the holiday set up the hours.
  8. If you are open different times during a holiday period, you may have to set up a number of different days and periods separately (eg Easter where you may be closed some days but open restricted hours on others)
  9. Save and review

Please Note.
For those setting your Smart Space website for the first time, your Booking Sheet should now be operating. Users will need to register to make a booking. They will only see the name of their own booking, but you can see all the bookings.

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