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Setting Group Preferences

Group preferences determine how your groups, teams, services and contacts appear on your website. By making the correct settings here, your groups are displayed the way you want them.

Changing these settings does not change any of the actual data contained in the Groups system.

Preference Settings

Order By

The Order By selectors determines the order in which your group instances and groups appear by default

Default Type

You can either show all of the Programs and instances you have or you can filter according to group type eg

  • Teams
  • Business Services
  • Events
  • Profiles
  • and more...

Time Filter

Because Program Instances are time based, you can determine what instance you want to view as default. Select from

  • All(default)
  • Live - current and future instances
  • Current
  • Future
  • Archive

Group Report

When viewing reports, the way the data is tabulated is usually important. Because of the myriad ways customers use the Groups system, you can customise your reports based on the data that is important to you eg...

  • Instance Only
  • Instance, Group name
  • Instance, Grade
  • Instance, Rank/Number

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