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Keep Active and In Touch With Smart Space

Smart Space Make it Easy to Stay Connected

Smart Space is the first website which makes it easy to participate  with friends in sport and physical activity and and anyone else who provides you with services.

 Smart Space provides Traders across the spectrum of business a portal from which they can offer their services online and a means by which you can interact with them.

Get Better Service Online

In practical terms it means you can:

  • Find out what is happening of interest to you.
  • Purchase products and services online
  • Make bookings for resources and services online
  • Mahke and manage bookings for youself or groups you belong to
  • View your participation history with all the Traders you do business with
  • View and pay accounts with all those Traders.

Smart Space is continually adding more features for both customers and businesses including social networking and better communications.

Smart Space Makes it Simple With One Login

Smart Space offers just one login address no matter how many Traders you do business with. They can only see what happens with their business with you.

Transparent and Private

With Smart Space, your personal data is yours. Just about every piece of data input by Traders about you is accessible by you. Easily keep your record up to date or deactivate yourself from any of the organiastions you have a connection to.

All this means that Traders who work with Smart Space can offer you the customer, better, more individualised service. You can enjoy your participation more and stay more motivated.

Please note: Some features described above involve choices made by Traders and how they use Smart Space. Not all features will necessarily be used by all Traders.


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