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PayPal - Free, Secure, Convenient

PalPal is the world's largest free online payment processor. Anyone can open a PayPal account for free and you can attach a credit card or bank account to your PayPal account.
  • Tens of millions of people have PayPal accounts
  • Tens of thousands of online traders accept PayPal payments and subscriptions (including Smart Space)
  • Many of the world's largest online traders accept PayPal payments and subscriptions

PayPal do not charge purchasers any fees, however online vendors or traders pay transaction fees (just as with all other vendors).

Security Concerns
Both PayPal and Smart Space use industry leading  256 bit encryption for their websites, meaning that others cannot easily read content of web pages you are seeing whilst in transmission (as is the case with ordinary websites)

PayPal and Smart Space never transmit personal financial data to you by email or other unsecured methods
Smart Space does not hold your credit card details on its servers

Smart Space and PayPal never communicate with you unless we use your name or username- never respond to any emails from either website unless you are certain of their origins. If you are uncertain, contact the website to ensure authenticity.
PayPal has systems to handle your financial data which are second to none. Go to the PayPal website here for more information.

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