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Mobile Module Overview

The Smartspace Mobile Basic allows website owners to convert their websites to a mobile device format without having to manage two separate websites or make any significant changes to their current desktop site. (you must have a Smartspace desktop site to get the Mobile Basic module)

Smartspace Mobile Basic will produce a simple but effective Mobile website using all your current desktop settings, menus and content.

It can be configured to include further mobile friendly menu selections and custom images can be added to the mobile website.

How it Works

  • A special stylesheet is added to your website which only works when the mobile site is activated
  • The web address of the mobile website is always where is your domain name (the www. is never included in a mobile address)
    • There are links permanently available on both sites to transfer to the other at any time.
  • Once you have the Smartspace Mobile Basic enabled, it is configured by the Mobile Settings page in the Content Manager.
    • Here you set how you want the site to function within the limited parameters that are available.
  • The way you have all your content and menus set up on the desktop site, determines how the site will work in Mobile format.
  • All links to your own site created in the content are automatically converted to the mobile domain
    • All menu links are also automatically converted.
    • All images embedded in content are automatically resized to stay within the reduced viewport of the mobile device.

Mobile Site Redirection

When a website visitor visits your site for the first time (within the last 12 months) Smartspace tries to assess what type of device the visitor is using.

Because of the myriad of devices on the market now combined with the number of different browsers and operating systems, it is difficult to assess accurately whether or not to present mobile or desktop content.

The one constant of all modern mobile devices is that the have a screen swipe feature. Therefore, Smartspace looks to see if the device has this feature or not.

If it does, it asks the visitor which content they want to be served, mobile or desktop. This selection is saved in a cookie that is loaded into the browser of the visitor's device.

With each subsequent visit with that device and that browser, Smartspace recognises the cookie and serves the selected content. The cookie lasts for 12 months and is updated on every visit so that there must be twelve months between visits for Smartspace for the question to be asked again.

Where a visitor has made a choice previous, but decides to use one of the links across to the alternative site, the system will temporarily reassign the cookie.

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