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Guide to Using The Accreditation Module

The Accreditation Module is designed to align with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) so that a sport can manage accreditation records in their own database whilst keeping their NCAS records up to date as well.

At present this module is being evaluated to allow all sports to use the system to not only manage NCAS records but also their own qualifications systems.

Important!! It is important to note that if records are being managed in this module for integration with NCAS, the correct terminology must be used in the Accreditation Type and Accreditation Discipline fields. (see below)

Setting Custom Fields

Before starting to record accreditation records, you will need to set up two or three fields which apply to your sport.

If you belong to a Smartspace Network, some values will need to be created at the top level so that consistent terminology can be used across all states and regions. This is important if the qualifications that are being recorded are part of the NCAS.

Each sport that is part of the NCAS will have an agreed set of Accreditation Types and Disciplines that are contained in the agreement between the Sport and the Australian Sports Commission(ASC). The settings placed in the custom lists should be exactly the same as contained in this agreement.

If the qualifications are not part of NCAS, the settings can be made at whatever level they are being used (eg national or state).

Create Selection Lists

Navigate to Database Manager > System Selections > Custom Selection Lists

There you can view all the selections that are already available. Some are global, some are networked and some may be created by you. For sports accreditation and qualifications, you will need to use Accreditation Type and Accreditation Discipline and possibly Accreditation Insurance and Payment Types.

Review the selections already available before entering new ones.

To enter a new listing do the following:

  • Select a Scope by clicking on the selection radio box
  • Enter the name of the selection in the Custom Listing field
  • If you are in a network, Tick the Use By Network tick box
  • Click Save Custom List to save the listing
    • You will be able to see the new listing the listing category below
  • To edit a listing, click on the listing adjust the values in the form then click Update Custom List

Repeat this process until all your selections have been created. They will now be available to you when creating accreditation records for individuals.

Managing Individual Accreditation Records

To create a new accreditation record or to manage or upgrade an existing one, you need to navigate to the individual record of the person the record is for. If this person does not yet exist in your database, you will need to add that persons record either as a New record or by searching to see if the person has a record in the Smartspace system.

Select a record from the individuals' selections list on the search page.

Currently you need to click on Accreditations in the Individual Selections menu on the left. (soon another section in the main body of the page will be available as well, like the Participant Information section)

Please note that accreditation records are time based records so the dates that are set are important.

Creating a New Record

When viewing this section you will see all accreditation records available for the individual.

  • Click on the New Record icon or Create a new Record Here if there are no records available.
  • Complete the form which will appear:
    • The Id number will auto generate
    • Complete the Accreditation Type, Accreditation Discipline, and Accreditation Level and Record Type fields
      • Select New only if they have not been accredited before in the selected discipline
      • Select Upgrade only if they are going to a new level with a current accreditation
    • If the record comes under national qualifications or standards, tick the National Record box
    • Enter dates for Accreditation Achieved (normal start date) and Accreditation Expiry dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format
      • Only enter a Start Date (pending) when the applicant specifically has pending status and a defined start date
    • Complete the remaining fields as required by your sport
    • Click Create Accreditation Record
  • Review the record and edit as necessary using the Edit icon

Managing Accreditation Records

After navigating to a person's accreditation records, each record on the list will have some icons adjacent to the record, depending on the status of the record.

Normally, a current record will have an Edit, Reaccredit and Upgrade icon under the Manage heading

  • Clicking on the person's name will take you to a view only screen for the specified record.
  • To perform other actions, click on one of the icons
    • The Edit icon simply allows editing of the selected record
    • Use the Reaccredit icon when a person's accreditation record has expired or is about to expire and they need to have their expiry date advanced (do NOT simply change the date of the old/current record)
      • Fill out a reaccreditation record in much the same way as a new record except select Reaccreditation as the Record Type
    • Use the Upgrade icon when a person is moving up a level as a result of improved qualifications or experience
      • The system may reset the Level automatically if it is a numeric value - adjust as necessary

Accessing Records

Accreditation records can be accessed in one of three ways

  • View records in the Individual Selection (see above)
  • View a complete list of records at Global Selections > Accreditation
    • You can view all records which are order by update date descending
  • Use the reporting system to get selected records (see below)

Accreditation Reports

To get an accreditation export, go to Database Manager > Global Reports > Accreditation Report  and do the following...

Leave all the default selections in place up until "date filters"

  • at date filters select "Since last recorded export"
    • this will expose an export date field
  • tick the "Set Export Date" field (only tick this field when exporting the database for uploading to the NCAS database)
    • this will record the date at which the export has been made (future like exports will be taken from this date)
  • it will include all the training module fields which are not being used by you at present but need to be present for ASC
    • this report includes all records that have been affected by changes to either personal details or accreditation details
    • it will not include prior records of an individual if a new record has been added but no other changes made to their personal record
  • the file generated will be the one that is uploaded into the asc accreditation system

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