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Adding Custom Code To Your Website

Custom Widgets

There are features and tools on the Smartspace website system which are automated or which do special things.  You can add some of those special features to your own code using custom widgets.

For all custom code, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.  Ensure that you take each step carefully because the code will often not work as it should if you take a shortcut or guess what needs to be done.

1. Links to Special Processing Pages

  • It is sometimes generated after saving or updating content or other special data;
    • E.g. after you save or update content, you will see some special code displayed at the bottom of the resultant page which you can cut and paste into other content.
    • In this case, it opens a simple link to the content you have been working on
  • In other cases, it can generate pop up windows or special processing windows depending on the module and data you have been saving.  E.g.;
    • The nominations processing window (groups module) can be opening using the code created after saving nominations preferences for a specific instance.
    • Processing page link for online membership sales can be created after saving/updating a membership type (membership module.)

2. Special Widgets Code

Special widgets code can be found either in the templates management area or is available when creating content.

  • When creating or editing content, click Show Advanced Content Settings > Custom Code (pop up window);
    • This keeps your content editing page open, but opens a pop-up from which you can copy code.
    • This code enables website owners to add the available widgets to their own custom built Web Pages.
  • Some of the widgets available include;
    • Contact Forms,
    • Tell a Friend Contact Form,
    • Subscription Form Link (Double Opt In),
    • Simple Registration Form Link (Single Opt In),
    • Your Location Map - Pop Up Google Map,
    • Add a Facebook "Like" button.
  • Click Here to view the Special Widgets Code Pop Up.

3. Social Media Code

Social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.) usually have special code available to help you link to their sites.

Use the links below to get specialised code for the sites listed.  These links can also be found at the Special Widgets Code page.

  • To get Facebook plug-ins, click here.
  • To get Twitter plug-ins click here.
  • Highlight the text provided by the selected website and paste into the content as described below.

Follow These Instructions Carefully to Insert Code into Content

When inserting your code into a page of content always do the following;

  • Click the 'Source button in your formatting tool to switch to code view.
  • Use Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the code into the page.
  • Make changes to the code (to replace generic text) immediately after pasting into the page.
  • Unless you specifically want the code to stay on the same line as another paragraph, ensure the code does not go between


  • The system itself will ensure that it will be tagged appropriately - click the Source button again to see the content without code showing, just the link text.

Do NOT take shortcuts and follow every step!!

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