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This provides links to our Jing and You Tube collection of quick videos created in response to questions from users about all things Smartspace. Hit the Back button in video view to return to Smartspace.

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Deactivate Non Current Members | 16 Feb 2017
This video will take you through the steps to deactivate former members who are no longer current. They will remain accessible in the database if really needed, but will not appear in the current working list.

Register New and Create a Membership By Admin | 20 Sep 2016
This video shows how an administrator can register a new customer or participant and assign a membership to them

How to Pay Your Annual Smartspace Subscription | 13 Sep 2016
This video takes you through the steps to pay your annual Smartspace Subscription either by Credit Card or Paypal or EFT

Upload and Attach Images to Article Content | 09 Aug 2016
Learn how to attach images to articles to show in a variety of contexts throughout a Smartspace website

Upload Images Into an Album | 11 Jul 2016
Learn how to upload an image or an entire gallery into an existing or new album quickly and easily using our new image uploader. In addition, you can even resize the image to a suitable web size in the one process prior to them being uploaded.

User Registration Confirmation | 01 Jul 2016
this video goes through the user process of confirming their registration. Note that you may have to look in your junk mail for the email that was sent.

Commence a Confirmed Registration Process | 01 Jul 2016
This video shows how businesses on Smartspace can control their user registration process through the Registration Confirmation process.

Upload and Embed FIles and/or Images Into an Article | 01 May 2016
Learn how to upload and embed multiple files and images into an article quickly and easily, incuding how to resize images prior to uploading to save upload time.

Brief Introduction to SmartEdit V 0.1 Beta` | 14 Dec 2015
This video provides some general information about the SmartEdit system. SmartEdit provides tools to make it easier to edit your Smartspace website

Get (and refine) a Membership Report ready for Emailing | 06 Aug 2015
Get a membership report, then refine the selection of those you want to send to prior to sending the bulk email.

Transfer An Individual Within a Network By Network Administrator | 10 Jul 2015
This video shows network administrators how to do a simple transfer of an individual between clubs

Transfer an Individual in a Network (Club Admins) | 16 Oct 2014
See how a club can seek a transfer for an individual who is already in a network. Select from any network where there are more than one in your association

Manage Staff/Access | 26 May 2015
Learn how to provide or remove access to individuals to your website or administrative backend in Smartspace

How to Upload Files and Link to Them in an Article | 28 Apr 2015
See how to create links in articles, to files on your server which may be either uploaded at the time or previously.

Printing and Print Settings in Google Chrome | 03 Mar 2015
This video provides details on how to change basic print settings in Google Chrome for Smartspace reports

Update Login Details | 26 Nov 2014
Change your Smartspace login details to something more memorable or secure. This video will show you how.

Create Content Template and Add to Bulk Email | 11 Nov 2014
See how to create a Communications Content Template, then add that template to a Bulk Email generated by a report

Attach an Image to an Individual Record as a Profile Photo | 29 Oct 2014
Attach a photo as a profile image to a person's individual record for use across all Smartspace sites.

Create an Event Instance | 16 Oct 2014
This video shows how clubs can create their own events which will eventually be seen by all clubs in their own network. The event is submitted to their State Association first then the association share it with the network when they are ready. (5:00)

Submit Groups in a Network | 16 Oct 2014
This video shows those in clubs how to submit a group (perhaps a committee) to your network leader (perhaps a sports association)

User Process for Multi Event Nominations | 25 Aug 2014
This video shows users how to nominate for an event or multiple events from an event list. You can also answer simple questions on entering the event and pay if required

Nominations For Network Adminstrators | 25 Aug 2014
This video shows network administrators how to set up a nomination configuration for a season's events. You can also allow your network to use these settings to allow their club members to nominate fro the events on a club by club basis

Manage Club Event Nominations for Combined Entries | 25 Aug 2014
This video shows club administrators how to manage nominations for an event. Where people have nominated for multiple events over time, each event is handled separately

Club Adminstrators Nominations for Network Events | 25 Aug 2014
This video shows what club administrators need to to to allow their members to nominate for network events either on a one off basis or for an entire season.

How Tp Create and Manage Membership Types | 19 May 2014
This video (4:31) shows how to set up your membership system using multiple membership options and incorporating prices

How To Setup Price Codes | 19 May 2014
This short video (4:11) shows administrators how to setup price codes and price instances (history) to be able to easily manage your products and services.

How to Create Payment Settings | 03 Apr 2014
See how to configure your Payment Settings on Smartspace to be able to accept payments through PayPal or offline methods

AusDBF Mutli Event Entry | 13 Feb 2014
This video shows how to enter multiple events in a National Dragon Boat Championship and how to handle discounts of Multi Day passes.

Event Organisers Manage Regatta Entries | 28 Jan 2014
This video show event organisers how to manage their event entries. This includes printing entry lists, managing payments and viewing entries in different formats

Extra Features in Teams Entry Into Regattas | 28 Jan 2014
This video show how to print your teams, how to communicate with all the paddlers that have been entered, an how to add extra information such as sweep status into the team record

Final Submission and Payment for Regatta Entries | 28 Jan 2014
Find out how to make you final submission as a regatta entry and how to handle changes in entries and how to make payments

Advanced Team Entry Processes | 28 Jan 2014
THis video show some of the more advanced processes available to Clubs in submitting teams to a regatta. In this case it explains online entry by paddlers and how to manage those entries from an administrative view. It also shows how to print entries.

Basic Paddler Entry Into Regatta Teams/Crews | 28 Jan 2014
This video shows clubs and associations the basics of entering their paddlers into their regatta crews

Managing Initial Team Entries for a Regatta | 28 Jan 2014
This video shows you some of the relevant processes that may be needed in managing your initial team entries including changing your team from one division to another.

Initial Club Entry into a Regatta | 28 Jan 2014
This video shows Clubs and States how to make an initial team entry into a regatta. This is similar to an expression of interest in an event.

Configure Smartspace to Allow Online Joining of Groups/Teams | 28 Jan 2014
This shows you how to configure your Smartspace to allow your registered members to join your groups and teams online in a very simple process.

DB Club Management for Regattas - Overview | 16 Dec 2013
This video provides an overview of the Groups system which can be configured to organise and submit your teams to your next regatta listed in the Smartspace network.

Create a Group From Scratch | 18 Nov 2013
This video shows how to create a Group and the structure that needs to be created beforehand. The group created here will be used for administrative purposes only.

How to Configure Communications Settings | 16 Oct 2013
Get ready to be able to send individualised bulk emails through Smartspace

Troubleshooting The DBNSW Membership Renewal Process | 14 Aug 2013
This video covers some of the common errors in going through the DBNSW membership renewal process

Using Individual Search To Send Bulk Emails/Logins | 27 Jul 2013
Use the Individual Search Feature to send a custom email and individual logins to a customer or a small group of customers

Creat A Custom Questionnaire For Membership/Registration | 27 Jul 2013
Learn how to create a custom questionnaire and attach it to the Smartspace registration process

Creating Service Rules For Payments or Memberships | 27 Jul 2013
Learn how to create and attached service rule or terms and conditions to your Smartspace payments system or you club membership

Handling and Judging Duplicate Records | 24 Jul 2013
This video explores how to judge which record of the number of duplicates is the best one to use as a base or primary record, as some data may be lost when combining records.

Process Club/State Memberships on the State Website - Pay Separately | 19 Jul 2013
Option 3: Process both the State and Club Memberships on the State website, but pay each account separately. The State membership gets paid first then the club membership (through the club website)

Register as New and Join a Club and Association | 12 Jul 2013
This video shows how you can join a club and state association in one process (for DBNSW members)

Pay State Membership Through State Website | 19 Jul 2013
This video shows Membership Option 2: Pay the State Membership only, through the State website (The Club Membership is handled separately by the club)

Pay Club and State Membership Through State Association | 19 Jul 2013
This video shows the steps involved in Option 1: Pay both the State Association and Club Membership through the State Association (DBNSW)

Membership Report and Sending a Bulk Email | 11 Jul 2013
This video shows how to run a membership report and how to email to the people in the report

Get a Datatbase Report and Create a Bulk Email | 11 Jul 2013
This video show how to run a basic database report, how to edit aspects of the report and how to email to those on the report

Get Association Membership and Register with a Club | 10 Jul 2013
This video shows the a Sports Association membership process, at the same time registering with your preferred club

How To Activate Or Deactivate a Record | 10 Jul 2013
This video show how to activate or deactivate a personal record in a Smartspace database

Attach Images To Articles | 23 Apr 2013
This video showws how to attach an image to an article focussing on images for Home Page feature images.

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