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Basics of the Smartspace Hire Module

The Smartspace Hire Module allows module subscribers to manage hire items online and allows their customers to book and/or enquire about hire items.

This article enumerates the features and processes involved in managing hire bookings as administrators.

Settings and Basics

Hire processes can be configured and controlled by the Hire Settings section found under the Settings Icon Settings Icon in the admin toolbar

A separate document will be published on these settings soon.

Some current features include:

  • Enquiries can be made online using the products module and an attached custom form
  • Admins can create their own bookings as well
    • At present it is up to admins to confirm bookings
  • The system will check for inventory on the condition that start and end dates are set for each item in a booking
  • Booking start times and default hire periods can be inserted into the system
    • Please note that the system only checks on confirmed bookings when determining available inventory
  • Custom delivery charges and separate deposit accounts can be created as part of the admin process

You navigate to the hire admin page by going to Control Panel > Hire

Navigating Dates and Filters

You can use the date tabs to navigate to a required date (good for imminent dates) or use the calendar activated by the booking calendar icon Booking Calendar

Managing Hire

A hire job can be created either by a user from the website or by an administrator.

Website Users

When it is done by a website user, an email will get sent to the admin with the hire enquiry as well as a hire record being created.

When a hire record is created by a user, it may not have complete dates - you can insert your own dates

If you tick the Set Booking Dates in all Products box, it will automatically insert these dates against all requested products


For an admin to create a new hire record, do the following:

  • Click on New Hire Record on the left just under the date tabs
    • If you navigate to the date you want to book, it will automatically insert default start and end dates  which can be edited
    • You should give the booking a concise and clear name
    • The system will automatically save times if none are inserted (from Hire Settings) when saving/updating
  • You should add a person's record to your hire record to ensure that a delivery record can also be attached and that the account is assigned to that person.
    • You may have to save the hire record first before adding a new person into the system so that it can bind to the precord
  • When you have inserted the basic details, click the Save Booking button
  • Insert and save deposit and/or delivery charges and other non hire items as required(see details below)
  • You can add the necessary hire products by clicking the Add icon Add Product on the Hire Products titles line
    • Simply select the item, add the number and click the Save icon Save on the line
    • The dates and times will be inserted to match the booking. If you want them different to the booking, insert these details yourself
    • The inventory calculator will show you the status of the product during that time period
    • If you are short of hire items but can access similar items from other sources, inser the number you will source in the Outsource field
    • Note that inventory only calculates confirmed hire where dates/times do not cross
    • Add extra lines as required

General Admin

In addition to a hire booking record, associated delivery and account records are created when booking.

Other Account Items

  • You can add a delivery fee item to the hire account simply by adding a delivery cost and clicking the adacent Save icon Save
  • This gets added to the hire account
  • To create a linked deposit account add a due date and the deposit amount and click the adacent Save icon Save
  • When this gets paid online or you mark it as paid, it will adjust the cost of the overall hire account
    • Soon, you will be able to send an email through the system to the client to enable them to pay online
    • For now you could manually send a link to your website  via normal email, where they can pay online
  • You can also add other non hire items to the hire account by clicking the Add icon Add Product on this section's Title line.
    • You will need to save your non hire items in a separate product category and attach a price to them

Delivery Records

You enable your website users to create a delivery record when they make their enquiry or Admins can create delivery records

Multiple delivery records can be created for any one individual, but only one can be attached to a hire job

the delivery section at the bottom of the hire record is quite simple and will be added to hire reports automatically

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