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Configuring Product Settings

You will need to fully configure these settings if you want to sell E-Store products including Downloads, Graphic Template products and other Custom products'

You wiull find Products Settings at Control Panel > Product Settings.

Click on the Product Settings line to show the settings form. Click the Save or Update button at the base of the form to save any changes you make.

  • Product Page Style
    • Smartspace will provide advice on this selection as it will also be influenced by your website design
    • Please note that extra CSS styling may be needed when creating these pages - this will incur a fee
  • Preview Images
    • Set the size version of your uploaded primary image that will be used for the Products Preview page
  • Preview Text Limit:
    • You can set both the limit of your Product text and a snippet of the product description.
    • This may depend on the layout and design of the Product Preview page
  • Preview Detail:
    • This field sets the functions available to the user on the Product Preview page
    • These settings will depend to a large extent on your product lines
    • If you are going for a clean simple look, do not enable extra features on this page - they are all available on the linked Product Page
  • Add Quantity
    • Decide whether or not you want users to be able to add multiple quantity of the one product into the basket at the product page
    • If they select 1 item here, they can add multiple products in the Basket itself
  • Enable Inventory
    • If you enable inventory, you need to set any product's inventory in the product page
      • The only exception is that you can give every product some inventory in the "On Order" category to make sure making this change after your e-store is live, does not close it down
      • You would need then to individually set the inventory settings for each product
      • You can used advanced inventory of any or all products by creating Colour Lists which allow you to add inventory on a per colour/style basis for each product configured in this way
    • You can also the action of the system once a product line has no stock left or on order
  • Custom Shop Address
    • If you want to create a custom page you call your "Shop Home" you can insert the url of the page here to override the default page
    • This must be a fully formed url starting with http://
  • Shop Structure
    • You can set which structure you want your E-Store to take
    • You would select the Category - Sub category option for most stores, but if you have a store built around Product Brands, you may select the Category - Brands option
    • Smartspace can advise on this if required
  • Catalogue Name
    • This is the name used in the system to your E-Store home page
    • Only put content into this field if you want to change it from the default "Catalogue" name
  • Shop Title Image
    • If you want your E-Store  home page title to be something special, you can add an image here
    • The image must be pre-saved in the "titles" album
  • Path Separator
    • This character is the separator for the E-Store breadcrumbs which show the path back to the E-Store home page
    • Please note that this character should be an encoded version of the character
    • The default: »
  • Associated Menu
    • If you want to show a Category/Brand menu of the E-Store on product pages, tick this box

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