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Graphic Designers can use SmartSpace as their own, free, IT department, in creating websites that can manage, communicate and sell online.

Do your business clients a favour and create a website on a platform that allows them to drive their business services using the SmartSpace engine.

Join the growing list of graphic designers who are making SmartSpace their web platform of choice.

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A Powerful Platform for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can simply design a website to suit their clients needs, and we at SmartSpace will build it for you and incorporate all the required elements available in the system.

  • At present we have over 50 configurable widgets and tools available
  • Reuse your already existing templates to produce to produce a new look with a new stylesheet.
  • Simply add the images and any content you are required to write

A Boon for Small Business

Your business clients can avail themselves of the services and tools on the site to continue to create great looking content which attracts more traffic and customers.

  • Just put in the content and images, join it together and our system does the rest.
  • Create great looking galleries, simply by uploading some photos
  • Create a website that will earn you money, not one that costs you money.

Present Well to Your Community

Community Groups can take advantage of the powerful tools in SmartSpace to produce a visually appealing and informative website.

  • Present your activities in the best possible light
  • Building the website can be a group effort
  • Manage your services and activities in the website framework

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