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Creating and Editing Content Subcategories

Subcategories help further categorise Content Categories. They can also be used across categories (although they always are attached to the original category).

Subcategories are created when creating an article.

If You Need To Create a Subcategory

In the Article Editing Window simply insert the name of the Subcategory you want to create into the Sub Category field and Save or Update the article when ready.

You should check to ensure that a similar subcategory does not already exists. It will be in the Sub Category drop down list immediately below the text field, if there is.

Use an Exisiting Subcategory

Select a subcategory from the aforementioned drop down list and proceed as normal.

Editing a Subcategory

There are two ways a subcategory can be edited.

From Within a Category (article listing)

Click on the Sub Categories link at the top of the Category area

Click on the selected sub category

Edit and Update as required or Return to Article Listing (if you do not want to edit)

From Within the Article Edit Form

Select a subcategory from the list in the Sub Category field.

Click Edit This Sub Category

Edit and Update as required.

The Editing Process

Edit as necessary:

  • Subcategories can have their own dedicated archive page
    • Sub Category Page Name: You can add a page name for the dedicated page (the name is formatted for you - just enter a short category name)
    • Keywords: Add one keyword or short key phrase which will get appended to the Page Title which appears on the browser window or tab (may be used for SEO purposes)
    • Sub Category Description: This may appear on a search results page as a teaser for the page(Search engines may select other content)
      • Limit to around 150 characters
    • Default Image: This is the image that will appear in a listing of Subcategories on the Category page
  • Update Sub Category

Keyword Search

Search Content:
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