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Creating and Using Tags (Keywords) to Filter Content

Content (Articles) can be tagged to enable users to filter the contents of Content Categories. Tags can either be added on the fly (ie when creating an article) or can be presaved using the Lists feature of Smartspace.

Either way, the most current list of tags (or keywords) will be available to you any time you create an article. By having a defined list of tags, it helps prevent multiple tags with a similar name or meaning being added into the system which can make filtering less efficient.

Adding Tags Using Lists

Once you log in, the admin toolbar (or top toolbar) will appear at the top of the screen above the website

  • Click on the Lists Icon - Lists - and select Create A New Custom List Item
  • Select Content Tags and insert the Tag into the Custom Listing field
  • Click Save Custom List
    • Insert only one tag, keyword or key phrase at a time.
    • You can review your Content Tags by clicking on the Content Tags line.
    • Click on a tag to edit as necessary
    • The edited tag will be applied to all Articles that already use the Tag.
  • When you go to Create or Edit an article, all tags will be availble in the list

Select or Add Tags When Editing/Creating Content

When editing or creating an article, any presaved tags will be available in the Page Tags field.

Please Note: Any tags already attached to the article will be listed in the Page Tags field (comma separated)

If you want to use only tags that have been presaved do the following:

  • Click on the Select box containg the tags.
    • If selecting only one tag simply scroll to find the desired tag and click on it.
  • To select multiple tags, click on your selection whilst also holding down the Ctrl key.
    • Do not lift the Ctrl key until you have made all your selections
  • Be sure not to touch or tab through the field again and your selections will be saved when the article is saved/updated

Add a tag on the fly:

  • Simply comma separate any number of tags/keywords/keyphrases in the Page Tags Text Field
  • Make sure you are not adding a word phrase that is already in the saved list

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