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Getting Started - Graphic Design Customers

If your Graphic Designer has done the bulk of setting up your smartspace website, you may not be aware of what you can do to manage the website. Here are some of the basics of how smartspace works and some links for further reading and training.

  • You must have access to and login to your website to manage any aspect of it. Click on the Login link in the smartspace bar and login.
  • If you do not have login details, contact your graphic designer.
  • Most management pages of your website will have at least one help file pertaining to the subject of that page.
  • All help files are permanently available through the Help link, available on most pages

Basic Concepts

Smartspace is a modular business website platform which provides plently of tools for website owners to maximise their use of the website. Smartspace also acts as community for customers, so that each customer can have access to their dealings with each business that they are linked to.

Business Focus

  • Typically, the basic tools website owners have access to are:
    • The Content Manager - create, manage and configure content and menus
    • The Database Manager - register, manage and communicate with customers
    • The Control Panel - configure and manage your website and modules associated with it
    • Manage staff access to the website via the Control Panel
  • Access to management of other modules is provided where active
  • Access is via any computer connected to the internet

Customer Focus

  • Customers need only one individual record for all smartspace websites
    • When they register with a website like yours, a customer record is also created, unique to your website
    • When this is created, you have access to their individual record
    • If you register a customer, both the individual and customer records are created automatically
  • If you find someone (via an email search) who is already registered, but does not have a customer record with you, you can have an email sent to invite them to register
    • One click on a link which is in the email to them, registers them with you
  • Each customer can view their registration status and all details of their record with any website
  • Whist people who are not registered can view your website, they will need to register to access any services you might provide online.

Content Manager

You can manage all aspects of your website's content including:

  • Layout and design of your website - this is usually done in consultation with your graphic designer
  • Placement of existing content on the Home page and in the menus
  • Configuration of how content is handled by the website
  • All text and information for products and services(if active) including categorisation (there are smartspace and user created categories in most areas)

The Content Manager always opens in a new tab or window (depending on your browser setup) to make it easy to create or manage content and to view changes on your website

Navigate to the Content Manager by following Manage > Content Manager after login.

Read more here about managing content

Database Manager

  • The Database Manager allows you to manage and communicate with customers and contacts and to produce reports in a range of formats
  • Any number of customers or contacts can be held in your customer database.
  • When someone registers with you, the record automatically is included in the database
  • Before registering a customer or contact, ensure that their record does not already exist - duplicate records can cause a lot of confusion
  • Smartspace does have some built in systems to help prevent duplicates, but you, the website manager, has the biggest impact on the minimisation of duplicates

Navigate to the Database Manager by following Manage > Database Manager

  • The Database Manager can be opened in a number of ways depending on your preference
    • Opens in the same window
    • Opens in  a new tab or window
    • Opens in a smaller separate window
  • Configure in the System tab of the Database Manager

Read more here about creating and managing customer records

Read more about communicating with your customers and contacts

Please Note: Greater customer management is possible with the Membership and Groups modules

Staff and Management Access

You can give access to the management area of your website to any person who is registered with you

To access staff management navigate to Manage > Control Panel > Manage Staff/Access

  • You can register someone and create their staff record in one process if required
  • You can send a new registrant their login details, simply by ticking a box in the registration process (they must have an email address)
  • You can set their level of access to the website
  • Smartspace recognises people individually - create a staff record for all those who require access
  • Do not share logins ever - always create a staff record as needed

Read more about how to create and manage staff and their access

Please Note: Advanced staff management can be accessed via the Rosters module.

Email Accounts

If smartspace has also provided your email accounts, you can access your account by webmail.

  • Navigate to your web address only with email used as a prefix eg
  • login using your email address as a username and the password previously provided as the password
  • These details are usually available at Manage > Global Site Details

Read more here about email set up


Smartspace is a powerful website system, the more you put into it, the more you can get out of it.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about any aspect of smartspace, please contact support.

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