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How To Prepare for Online Membership Sales

Users in the Smartspace system can register online as well as update other information and purchase any available membership(s). This document explains all the processes that need to be done to ensure  this runs smoothly for administrators.

Please complete these tasks in the order in which they are presented to ensure that it is done effectively.

At the bottom of each section are links to pages with more detail as well as a short video (which opens in a new tab) of 3 - 5 minutes long, which takes you through the process.

When going through this process, you could be watching the videos (in another tab) and pausing and rewinding as you fill out your own forms.

System Preparation

Payment Settings

You will need to configure the system to ensure it works as you want. You need to provide relevant information to your members on how they need to pay.

This concentrates on the use of Direct Payments (bank Transfer, Cheque etc) although online systems such as PayPal can also be used.

If you want to use PayPal as well as or instead of Direct Payment methods, you need to ensure you have a fully verified PayPal account and insert the email address of that account into these settings

  • To set up Payment Settings navigate to:
    • Control Panel > Payment Settings (Grey Action Bar)
  • After selecting the type of Activation you need to ensure that the following are completed
    • The Email Address of the person who should receive emails (or the PayPal email address) in Alternate Email
    • Tax percentage (if any) and the way it will be applied
    • Your Currency Code and Symbol
    • Select a One Line Basket Summary, although on most club systems, this may not be seen
    • You may have to come back later and save Service Rules as you may not have created them at this stage
    • You can also individualise what appears on the various Payment Buttons
    • For Clubs, you will only be able to use Custom Text as you cannot upload custom images into the system
  • You will also need to ensure that your PayPal settings are correct
  • Ensure that your account is "verified"
    • Follow through with the Status link to verify the account
  • Ensure that Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled
    • Go to Profile > Seeling Tools > Update (Instant Payment Notifications)
    • Set to Enabled
    • If necessary insert the Url to process the IPN call as
  • Ensure that you accept payament in Australian Dollars
    • In the same area as above edit/update teh Bloack Payments section
    • Tick " 
  • Ensure that your account will accept credit cards without the need to get a PalPal account
  • Find this setting in Website Preferences Update. Set the following...
    • PayPal Account Optional: On
    • Tick Auto Return: On
    • Payment Data Transfer: On
    • Return URL:

Click here for more detail on setting up Payment Settings

Click here for a short video (new tab) on Payment Settings (4.53)

Communications Settings

Smartspace allows businesses and clubs to send Bulk Individualised Emails to selected people in their database. Selections can be made in a number of ways.

Before being able to send these emails, you must select a mailserver.  We recommend that you select the Smartmail server (although you are limited to 2000 free emails per month). Soon you will be able to purchase extra emails at low cost.

For those who wish to use an external mailserver, everyone who has internet access has a Mail server provided by their internet service provider (ISP).

  • To access these settings go to:
    • Control Panel > Communications Settings (grey action bar)
    • The first four fields should be filled out accurately.
    • Email Templates are not available to those systems that do not have a Content Manager
  • Test your settings by doing a restricted search and emailing to the list
    • See below for how to send Bulk Emails

Read here for more detail on Communications Settings

Watch this short video (new tab) on Communications Settings (2.48)

Set Up Price Codes

For sales to be made online, prices must be attached to the products or services being sold. Also, it is important the at any one time, the correct price is charged.

In this case, we need to attach price codes to each membership option that is available. For example, membership options may be:

  • Senior Membership
  • Junior membership
  • Social Membership

If you had these options, three price codes would need to be created as well as a price instance for each code, so that each code has a time period within which it will be charged.

  • To start creating your own price codes go to
    • Control Panel > Products/Prices > Manage Price Codes
    • There you can review what codes have already been created.
    • To create a new Price Code click on Create New Price Code
  • Save the Price Code then click Create Price Instance for Your Code
    • Enter the dates that this price will be active for.
    • We advise that it should start in the recent past (date from) and go into the far future (date to).
  • When a price changes, you carry the price forward (click the Carry Price Forward button), which automatically cuts off the previous code (Date To) on the day before the new code starts

Read more here on the detail of setting up Price Codes

Click here (new tab) for a short video on setting up Price Codes (4.11)

Service Rules (Terms and Conditions)

Smartspace allows services rules to be attached to both Products and Services and the Shopping Basket. By attaching Service Rules, it prevents purchases from being made without agreeing to those rules.

Currently, although service rules can be attached to memberships, it is not yet being supported for now. Service rules will need to be added to the Shopping Basket through Payment Settings if they are required

  • The create your Service Rules go to:
  • Database Manager > System Selections > Service Rules
    • Click on the Service Rules grey action bar and
    • Click on Create New Content Here when creating rules for the first time or
  • To edit a rule, click on the selected article, then click on the Edit Icon that appears in the Action Menu
    • You can create as many Service rules as you like, but you must attach these to each element that requires them
    • You may need to go back to Payment Settings to make them work for your Shopping Basket

Click here for more information on Creating Content

View a short video (new tab) on creating Service Rules (3.06)

Custom Questionnaire

Smartspace allows clubs and businesses to gather extra information about their members/users. You can create Custom Questionnaires which can be attached to the record of each person in the database manager.

Smartspace also presents this questionnaire in the registration and updating process when required. In the case of networks, more than one questionnaire can be attached to a person's record and presented in the updating process.

  • To create a Custom Questionnaire go to:
    • Database Manager > System Selections > Custom Information
  • To create a new questionnaire, click on Create A New Questionnaire
  • To edit click the the Questionnaire Name
    • You cannot edit a questionnaire that has been created by another member of your network in networked systems
  • First you create the base questionnaire record
    • You need to appropriate Name the questionnaire
    • Insert any explanatory text in the Message field
    • Tick the Active, Membership and Login fields to ensure that they can be attached to those in your database
    • Generally, do NOT tick the Network field in networked systems unless you want it spread right across the network
  • Once you create the base Questionnaire record, you will be asked to start creating the questions, one by one
    • Select the format the Answers will take
    • Only insert Answer options when selecting the Listed Options  and Drop Down List options
    • In that case list each of the items in the proposed selection list one per line
    • Do not number the options
    • Ensure that you activate the questions
  • After completing the Questionnaire, you can manage it using the links in the system
    • You cannot delete questions, but you can deactivate them
    • Once both the Questionnaire Record and the Questions are active, they automatically attach to each person's record when answered.

View this short video (new tab) on creating and managing Custom Questionnaires (3.53)

Membership Types

If you have the Membership Module, you can create unlimited Membership Types, although each person can only hold one membership at a time.

In the case of networked systems, people can hold memberships from both the Club and Association levels

When creating memberships, administrators should create Membership Options in the one Membership Type in the case where different levels of membership exist in the same membership structure

  • To create Membership Types go to:
    • Database Manager > Global Selections > Membership > Create New Membership Type
  • You must Name  the membership appropriately and place some informative text in the Description
    • The description will be seen on club websites under the Membership tab
  • For most clubs, the Product Category, Service Rules and Joining Fee fields will not be required
  • If a Family membership is available a Price Code must be setup for it and selected
    • Unfortunately, at present Family memberships are not supported for online sales
  • Most Clubs will have various Membership Options (see in Price Codes above)
    • Make the More Options selection and list the options in the text field, one per line (no commas)
    • You will need to come back later after saving the record initially, to attach the price codes to the options
  • Select the Sell on This Website option usually for online sales
  • Clubs should NOT tick the Network field if available
  • After Saving the Membership Type return to the selected record to add the previously setup Price Codes to each Membership Option
  • Update the record and you are ready to go

The short video (new tab) explains how to set up and manage Membership Types (4.31)

Communicating With Members

Sending Bulk Emails To Members

Once your system is fully set up, you can decide who you want to send emails to. You will also need to decide on the text of the email

  • You will need to include a link to the registration update page which will vary from club to club (each has a different id).
    • Use the link below for current members and those already in your database.
    •[your club id]&action=updindiv&c=login
    • You need to replace [your club id] with the actual Id number (no brackets). This can be found in the control panel
    • Please take note how Url's are handled differently depending on if you are send a plain text or html email
    • Always make sure the Url is on a line by itself, with no other text before or after on the same line.
  • Important! make sure you tick the Include Login Details box when sending this link as people may not have seen their login details before
    • Each person gets their personalised login details even if they share an email address with others
  • To get a list of people to send the emails to you usually use the reports system Go to:
    • Database manager > Global Reports > Standard Reports and select as required
    • Do NOT select an export report
    • You can use either the General Database report or a Membership report
    • Filter as required
  • At the bottom of each report or list is an Email to This List button
    • Click this button will begin the process
    • Always carefully preview the email before sending
  • When sent, it will be placed in a queue and sent in an orderly manner so that you cannot be identified as sending spam

Read this for more detailed information on sending Individualised Bulk Emails

Click here to view a short video on sending Bulk Emails (5.00)

Managing Responses

Managing Pending Accounts

Most clubs will have direct payments set up in the Payment Settings. In this case,it is easiest to manage accounts through the Account Manager.

You will need your members to advise you of payment when done through Direct Bank Debit (EFT). You should know when they have paid their money by cheque or cash.

  • See who has at least started the payment process by going to:
    • Control Panel > Products/Prices > Manage Accounts
    • There you will see the list and status of active accounts
      • Pending indicates that a members has committed to a payment and payment is imminent or you may already have it
      • Pend indicates that an account has been created, but the members is yet to do anything about it
      • Trolley indicates that someone has created an account on your site but is yet to proceed with the sale
  • If you are also accepting PayPal or credit cards as payment, processing will be done automatically
    • You can view all completed payments by clicking Completed Accounts
    • You can only process accounts marked "Pending"
    • If someone has completed their purchase and paid you, their account should be marked Pending
    • When someone has paid (and provided you with a reference number), either
      • Select them from the list and click their name or
      • Go directly to their account using the Insert Account Code field and clicking Go
  • Mark each of the MarkAsPaid fields in the account list that have been paid and click Update Basket
    • This will record their payment and automatically set the status of their membership
    • There is no more Smartspace processing - the account will then go to the Complete list
  • You can get reports on who has paid using the Reports mechanism in the Database manager

Click here to view a short video (new tab) on Account Processing (1.47)

The User Process

Watch this short video (new tab) on how the user process works (5.00)


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