Smartspace Helps Manage Business Services

SmartSpace provides small business and community groups the tools to integrate their online presence with management of their operations.

It's more than just a pretty face, it can also do the hard yards behind the scenes like  manage staff, generate leads, retain customers, book services and make sales.

You can get SmartSpace to do more over time as you develop and grow your business.

Modular Integration

  • Once you have selected your modules, the available widgets are made part of the system automatically
  • You can integrate over 50 widgets and tools into different parts of your website at will
  • Easily change your content and displays to adapt to seasonal changes in your operations.
  • SmartSpace retains historical data to help compare your performance over time
  • Enable your services to be booked online to gain that competitive advantage

Play With The Big Players

You now don't need to have a multi-million dollar operation to get  systems which can save you time and money and present a fully professional face to the world.

  • The small business sector now has access to advanced systems that would normally give the bigger players a competitive advantage, but not any more.
  • By joining the SmartSpace community, you are telling your customers that you want to engage with them online and that you have the tools available for you to do so.
  • For a very small price, SmartSpace can put you in the big league.

Make and Save Money With Your Website

  • A SmartSpace website works for you - put in the effort and you will get a return
  • Our numerous business tools contained in the SmartSpace engine make you more efficient and more profitable
  • SmartSpace enables you to service your customers better and at a lower price than you ever thought possible

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