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Managing Hidden Records

Smartspace now allows individual database administrators to mark records as deceased where their members or contacts have passed on.

They can now be found in the Hidden view.

Marking a Record as Deceased

When someone in a Smartspace database has definitively passed on, an administrator with level 5 access can mark their record as deceased:

  • Open the individual's summary in Database Manager > [select the record from the search list]
  • Click the More link just above the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page
  • Tick the Mark As Deceased box
  • When this box is ticked, a warning will appear to ensure that you understand the step that is being taken:
    • This record is now being changed in ALL Smartspace databases
    • IMPORTANT!! Changing this setting inappropriately will be considered a breach of the Terms of Service and will result in action being taken by Smartspace
    • You should immediately report any instances of this to Smartspace if discovered
  • Click Save Changes to save the new setting
  • The record will now have a prominent marking to indicate its status, at the top of the summary page.

Access To Deceased Records

Once a record has been recorded in this way, you can still access the records:

  • Click System Selections > Switch to Hidden View
  • Go to the target record by selecting it from the Hidden Individual Selections drop down list
    • The list area has a red background to remind you of hidden view
    • Only deceased records will appear in the selection list (whether or not they are marked as active)
    • This is the only selection list that allows you to stay in hidden view
    • NOTE!! Selecting the search list in the main body of the page will return you immediately to normal view.
  • You can manage the record as normal in the main body of the page
  • Select other records from the list as required.
  • To switch back to normal View either
    • Click the Switch to Normal View link in the Hidden Individual Selections area or
    • Click on any other menu link
  • This status can be removed in the same way it was set if it was done by mistake.

Future Development

More tools, will be added to this feature in the medium term. This will include extra reporting filters.

We are happy to accept feedback on this feature.

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