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Page Names for E-Store

The Page Name feature for smartspace website pages has now been extended to all pages in the E-Store. You can now name ant Brand, Product Category or Product page with a name which will enhance the attractiveness of that page in search engines and provide a more memorable address to website visitors.

To see more on Content Page Names please click here.

How Product Page Names Work

In each product area there is a field in which you can insert the name that yu wanmt that page to be called

  • This applies to Products, Product Categories, Sub Categories, and Brands.
  • When you insert a Page Name the URL of the page will incorporate a slightly modified version of the name you input, designed to be most effective in search engines.
  • Names of Brands and products will work in association with each other to form an effective SEO friendly website url.

Pagename Details

  • Unless redirected, the Pagename of the E-Store will be
  • This is the equivalent of the current name
  • Brand Page:
  • Brand - Category page:
  • Sub-Category - Category page:
  • Category page:
  • Simple Product page:
  • Trackable Product page:
  • Long Product page:

If the pagname  feature in the Content Settings has been activated and there is no pagename present, it will insert the ID of the element instead. Any old names will be redirected to the new name, however this is only the case where a pagename has been inserted where there was none.

Warning!! If you change the pagename itself, after it has been viewed by the public, there is a chance that they will use that name either through a Bookmark or through a search engine. So once you have created the pagename, do NOT change it.

What You Need To Do

In general, all you need to do is to activate the PageName feature in the content settings and insert a pagename into each of the E-Store elements.

The Smartspace system will automatically create the links where menu and other links are created by the system.

If you are adding a link to a page, you should navigate to the page and copy the page url and paste it into your centent editor when crating links to these pages

Keyword Search

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