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Setting Up PayPal For Smartspace Shopping Cart

When Setting up your payment settings in SmartSpace, you will also need to ensure that your PayPal settings are correct if selecting one of the PayPal payment options.

In your PayPal account:

  • Log into your PayPal account,
  • Ensure that your account is "verified";
    • Follow through with the Status link to verify the account,
    • Follow the PayPal instructions to "verify" your account.
  • Ensure that Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled;
    • Go to Profile > Selling Tools > Update (Instant Payment Notifications),
    • Set to Enabled,
    • If necessary insert the Url to process the IPN call as,
  • Ensure that you accept payment in Australian Dollars;
    • In the same area as above edit/update the Block Payments section,
    • Tick " .
  • Ensure that your account will accept credit cards without the need to get a PalPal account;
    • This will ensure people will not have to join PayPal to process their credit card.
  • Find this setting in Website Preferences Update.  Set the following;
    • PayPal Account Optional: On,
    • Tick Auto Return: On,
    • Payment Data Transfer: On

Your paypal account should now be able to accept credit cards and automatically process your transactions.

Please note, that usually, when PayPal processes your account, SmartSpace does not send an account to you or your client as it is done by PayPal.

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