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Set Up a Vacation Auto Responder

Navigate to the Smartmail HQ webmail interface

Log in using your full email address and password for the email account you wish to use it for

  1. After log in go to Settings > Filters
  2. Select Manageseive in the Filter Sets and click on Vacation in the filters
  3. Edit the record which will appear on the right of the page:
    • You need to put values into the following fields:
      • Message Body
      • Message Subject
      • Reply Sender Address
    • Adjust the the frequency of the reply (in days) in the How Often Send field
      • Consider those who may send you a lot of emails on a daily basis
      • Please note the an an initial email will get sent immediately on receipt of the very first email irresepctive of the number of days you set
    • Save the record
    • To activate the filter simply untick the Filter Disabled box and Save the record
    • To deativate the record, tick the Filter Disabled box and Save the record
    • You can add other actions to the basic function by click on the + (plus) button at the right of record
      • Add/edit as required

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