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Individualising Smartmail Webmail

Smartmail is your internet based email system which you can log into to from anywhere with internet access. Smartmail allows you to personalise your settings in a number of areas

  • Teach your webmail how to recognise spam Click here for details
  • Set up your directories for mail management
  • Default settings for the interface
  • Set the look of outgoing emails
  • Type of emails - plain text or html
  • Attach an signature
  • Reply email format
  • Passwords
  • Mail filters (including blacklisting)
  • Automatically add new sent addresses to the addressbook

All features are accessible after logging in to your webmail address with your email address and password

Manage Directories

Go to Settings

You will arrive at the Preferences tab. Each of the following is a selection which you can configure by clicking on the selected item.

  • User Interface
    • Set the time zone, number of rows to display and the overall look and language
  • Mailbox View
    • Set default actions for mailboxes
  • Composing Messages
    • Set default actions when composing messages
    • This includes where you start your replay when replying to an email
    • What format you want to make your emails - plain text or html(formatted and can embed images)
  • Displaying Messages
    • Set how actual messages are displayed and default actions
  • Address Book
    • Sets default actions for address books
    • This includes how you want to save and retrieve automatically added email address
  • Special folders
    • Set the folders which cannot be deleted
  • Server Settings
    • Set some basic defaults of the server when handling emails

Managing Folders

To manage folders click on the Folders tab. Here you can add, delete or empty folders.

  • To manage any folder, highlight it by a click on it
  • Click on the cog bottom right to delete or empty (note that after deletion it cannot be recovered)
  • To add a subfolder to directory, click on the plus sign and edit and save the resultant form


You can create unlimited identities in Smartmail, each one capable of supporing a custom signature.

Click on the Indentities tab.

  • Click on an email address to activate management
    • Create some basic defaults in the Settings tab
    • To add an identity, click on the Signature tab
    • Tick the html box to add a html signature
      • Edit and layout text as required using the formatting tools
      • If you need to add an image, copy the url of the selected image in your smartspace and add to the following code
      • <code><img alt="[insert website name here]" src="[addimage path here]" /></code>
      • You can use any one of your identities when sending mail
  • Make sure you save the form after making any changes


Click on the Password tab to change your password

  • Add appropriate values
    • Note that if you change your password, Smartspace staff cannot retrieve the new one
    • You can save your new password in the secure website Global Site Details area, safely.

Setting Up Filters

Click on the Filters tab to add/manage filters. Some filters are already set up using the managesieve program

  • Vacaction (disabled)
  • Move Spam to Junk Folder (disabled) see link above

To add a new filter:

  • Click the plus sign at the bottom of the Filters colum
  • Set the filter then configure the action that needs to be taken
  • Test the filter with a trial email

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