Small Business Websites

SmartSpace is a Boon For Small Business

If you run or own a small business, you don't to waste your time on a website that does not do anything for your bottom line. SmartSpace small business websites provide you with the systems to create a real online business presence either to sell and/or book your products and services online or to simply to communicate with your customers to build your business.

Why Choose SmartSpace for My Business Website

  • SmartSpace is a database driven business website platform than allows the website owner to connect all sorts of information together in all sorts of ways. EG:
    • You can insert some images into a web page, but by using the SmartSpace content connector, you can format the images neatly and create a slide show of the images all in the one simple process
    • You can take all the images you have loaded into an album and make a great gallery, simply by selecting the album and making it public
    • You can easily associate a product with other complimentary products or related content and galleries with the click of a button
  • SmartSpace also has different modules to help you manage your business and connect with customers - just select the modules which will help you achieve your goals
  • All modules are fully integrated, they build onto each other to make you and your staff more efficient
  • SmartSpace takes care of all the technical stuff that you don't want to have anything to do with - all in the one package
  • A SmartSpace business website represents great value and won't break the bank. See our prices here

Can I Build a SmartSpace Business Website?

You don't need to  be an IT genius to build a SmartSpace website. If you can use a word processing program, use a digital camera  and write some text, you can create a great website.

We can assist you in developing your website, or you could engage one of the design companies in our Graphic Designers directory to do the job for you.

Every designer in our directory has built at least one SmartSpace website, so they know exactly what needs to be done. You can see their work right on the site.

Read here for more on how to build your own business website

SmartSpace Is Easy To Manage

You can manage your SmartSpace business website at any time and from anywhere you have an internet connection. You don't need to pay expensive professional fees just to update a web page. The simple word processor like interface makes it easy to create and manage great content.

You can take your skills even further if you wish, by tuning your website to get the very best results in search engines, using the built in tools. We also have links to plenty of resources to improve your skills and your website results.

And with SmartSpace, you always have the latest version of the system - you never have to worry about updating software. The system is being constantly improved to utilise the latest internet technologies. Everthing is in the one, simple, subscription based package.

SmartSpace and Security

Whilst your website is stored on an ordinary server, all the backend processing is done on a secure server, ensuring that all your confidential data cannot be easily seen by those who seek to break into your system.

  • We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you can be sure that your website is overwhelmingly available to prospects and customers.
  • We back up data more than once daily to ensure your data is safe and secure
  • You have control over who has access to your website and at what level their access is set

Free Website Consultation

Contact SmartSpace if you are unsure of what you might need or what it might cost to get one of our great business websites. We will provide free, no nonsense advice on your best course of action, all obligation free.

You could have your SmartSpace Small Business Website up and running in a few days. Phone 1800 ACTIV8 (Australian customers only) or contact us here.

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