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SmartSpace has been designed from the ground up by people who have been in small business and expect results.

These days it is not good enough to simply have a website that looks good, it must also perform. So what performance can you expect out of a SmartSpace website?

1. Search Engine Visibility

SmartSpace is built with fully standards compliant code ensuring all your menus and links are visible to search engines

  • You can configure important elements to attract the right search terms :
    • Custom Web address
    • Separate description tag
    • Addional title tag
    • Keyword tag
  • We provide SEO advice during the set up period to make sure you start off on the right foot
    • Evaluation of the site on publication
    • Followup evaluation after settling in period
  • We provide plenty of links and resources to help improve your search engine rankings so you will get noticed
    • Our SEO resource page provides links toi a wide range of SEO resources and advice
    • We provide a simple action plan to get you up and running
  • Our Content Management System is designed to give you the best possible chance to get high search engine rankings
    • Our system is designed with SEO in mind so that your content will be shown to search systems in the best possible light
    • Out page speeds are well above average further improving, your chances of good results and improving the visitor experience

2.Custom Analytics

  • You can follow your website performance with our special Google analytics account or report on your page views with a SmartSpace report
    • View your web stats in our account or we can set up your own account where you have total control
  • View your product statistics in real time with the e-store module
  • Report on bookings and attendance in the Bookings module

3. Contact, Communications and Content Tools

 You manage all your customer contacts right there on the website so that as soon as someone registers online, they are in your customer database immediately.

  • You can contact anyone in your customer database either individually as as  a group using our personalised systems
  • Our system is built to make it easy for you to comply with privacy laws
  • Create special landing pages to gauge your success in drawing your customers to your offer or information
  • Keep your website fresh with the special automated content and product widgets

4. Make SmartSpace Part Of Your Workflow

  • Making SmartSpace part of your workflow creates efficiencies,  making your operations more productive
    • Bookings and reservations
    • Club  memberships
    • Newsletters
    • Services, Groups, Teams and Competitions
    • Staff organisation and rosters
  • Use record archives to compare business performance over time 
  • Enable reporting on staff actions to ensure productivity

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