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Smart Space is the Best Graphic Designers CMS

Are you restricted in your website work to nothing more than static websites?

Do you find it hard to produce a stylish website at a competitive price?

Are you frustrated that you cannot deliver websites with the features that clients are looking for?

Are you frustrated that the current crop of content management systems (cms) are too restrictive?

Do you struggle to cope with the technical aspects of site set up, hosting and email?

SmartSpace can now deliver smart websites to your design for much less than you ever thought possible. We are talking about websites that support e-commerce, bookings, scheduling, membership and customer management, competition management, client communications, staff management and a whole lot more.

And we take care of all of the technical stuff from hosting, all DNS issues and email set up for you.

SmartSpace is the best graphic designers CMS and web platform .

How SmartSpace Works for Graphic Designers

  1. You design your website including layouts for the front page, content pages and any other required pages
    • We build a website template to your specifications, incorporating the required website tools
    • There is no charge for this service if you grant us non-exclusive rights to use this template for other SmartSpace clients
    • See more details here
  2. You or the client pays the normal set up and subscription fees for the chosen modules as required
    • This covers all the client's domain name set up and email accounts and hosting service for the next 12 months
    • You work on the website, loading the required featured graphics into the template, as well as creating the content.
    • When you are ready and the fees have been paid, you can publish the website to the world
    • Once the SmartSpace fees  have been paid, you control the website until you have been paid
  3. We provide intensive support to ensure that the website works fully and is optimised for search engines, to ensure the best result
    • We also provide numerous help files and videos
    • You do not have support the technical aspects of the website - we do it for you as part of the client's normal subscription
    • You can also use the support forum to learn and share
  4. You do not have to do any site set up
    • All SmartSpace sites are hosted on the Smartspace webserver, meaning that all hosting and management is taken care of in the one, low annual subscription.

 As a professional graphic designer, you can also join our designers directory where potential website owners can select you from others to develop their website for them. We also provide extra privileges for designers to experiment and develop websites for up to 12 months at no charge, before going live. No payment or credit card details are ever taken on sign up

smartspace best cms for Graphic Designers

The Graphic Designers CMS and Web Platform That Does More With Less

There are some great open source content management systems out there which cost you nothing, but where can you get a fully supported system with similar costs. When you subscribe to a SmartSpace website you get all of the following in the set up fee.

  • Complete domain name set up including directing all to the one domain (eg
  • Email address set up
  • Any redirects and other domain name settings
  • Custom Google analytics account
  • Intensive  website support for three months with normal support therafter

Additionally we also support your graphic design team with assistance in getting the know the SmartSpace system. Feedback from graphic designers has already resulted in changes to how the web platform works and we will  continue to be responsive to the graphic design industry.

All this means that you get better results with less effort.

Expand Your Client Base

 Now that you have a multi function website platform to market your design services with, it greatly increases the scope of your design services. This can help you win new clients or it may prevent existing clients going to bigger agencies to get what they want in a website.

Better still, all this can be achieved without any major outlay up front and you can be sure that your client will get the best of service from the SmartSpace support staff.

Graphic Designer Sign Up Coming Soon

You can now sign up into the SmartSpace graphic designer program giving you some special benefits

  • Designers website management panel
  • Access to special online sales tools for clients to purchase you services for a SmartSpace website
  • Special technical support for website projects
  • Template build service
  • For a limited time: Your own SmartSpace website for the cost of the subscription only - the set up fee will be waived

Get started on your website right now!

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