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Smartspace Dynamic Website Templates

Add, manage, edit, style and save multiple template versions

Switch website templates and versions  to live in seconds

Start from scratch or select an existing Template

Create virtually unlimited templates online

Smartspace Templates Using Dynamic Frameworks

Dynamic Frameworks and Templating

The SmartSpace website platform is driven by a dynamic framework system which allows website professionals to build their own templates online or to access freely any standard Smartspace template. You can build any number of template and website versions, all available instantly in our Live Edit suite.

You can add and change elements in any template or any website and preview before publishing the changes. There is no HTML or PHP coding required to add or change templates.

Each template is based on one of over a dozen different dynamic frameworks which enables the template builder to flexibly build any number of template versions on each framework.

Once a framework has been chosen, the builder then can select from well over a hundred content widgets to populate the framework and create the template.

You can use one framework to create multiple templaates and template versions, all managed through LiveEdit.

Free Template Offer

Smartspace will also help to get you started. We will build a basic template for you (at no charge to you) if you can't find one that is already available in our system. Once it becomes available to you, you can add your own content to it or adapt or change it to suit yourself then apply it to other websites.

Managing Your Websites and Templates

If you are a Web Professional, you can manage all of your website projects through the Smartspace Website Hub. Create as many websites as you like and as many versions of those websites and only pay when a website is published.

You can create and save as many website templates as you like and use them later to build new websites

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