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Advanced Smartspace Delivery Zones

Smartspace delivery zones allow e-store owners to fine tune their delivery settings to best reflect their individual product delivery costs to a range of geographical zones.


  • A base delivery price is first set, then each product is given a Delivery Multiplier which sets the base delivery price for each product.
  • Delivery Zones are also created which the user chooses when making a purchase for delivery
  • Each Zone also has a mulitplier which, together  with the base Delivery Price and the Product Delivery Multiplier finally produces the final delivery cost of the overall purtchase.
  • Along the way, special conditions and exceptions can be declared which affect the overall calculations of delivery cost

Managing Zone Based Delivery Settings

To activate zone based delivery settings, you fisrt need to make the relevant selection in Payment Settings

  • Go to Control Panel > Payment settings and select "Advanced Zone based Smart Space Delivery Settings" in the Delivery Charges field
  • Save the changes
  • Go to Prices/Products > Manage Delivery > Delivery Zone Settings to configure the settings
  • You will need to save these settings before you can add Delivery Zones

Delivery Zone Settings

  • Insert the Base Delivery Price in decimal format eg 8.50
    • This price is the lowest cheapest price  available  - all other delivery prices will be a multiple of this price
    • Each Product will need to have a Delivery Multiplier - if none is found, a Multiplier of 1.00 wil be assumed
  • If "No delivery discounts regardless of quantity or cost" is selected in the Delivery Discounts field, the following formula for delivery will be used:
    • Total delivery cost will be the sum of  Delivery Base Price x Product Delivery Multiplier x Zone Delivery Multiplier for each product in the Shopping Basket
    • If Advanced delivery configuration is required is selected, further setting options will appear to adjust the formula above
  • Adjustments can be made to Delivery in the following ways:
  • Delivery Discounts based on the quantity of products in the purchase
    • Up to five levels of discount can be set
      • At the first level, the full amount is charged when the number of products in the basket (for which delivery is charged) does not exceed that number in the items field
      • At each level, the appropriate discount is charged when the number of products in the basket fits into the discount range
      • Please note that the discount for delivery applies to all the products in the basket for which delivery will be charged (see below)
      • On the final discount level instead of having a limited number of products, place a lower case "u" in the items field indication that this discount applies to unlimited products
  • A Maximum Delivery Charge can be configured if required
    • If there is no maximum delivery charge the above formula will be used along but based on the table of discounts if set
    • Otherwise, you can set a maximum delivery amount either based on the total price of the Shopping Basket or the final delivery price
    • If you choose to determine a maximum delivery cost per order, once the total delivery cost of the Basket reach that amount it will go no higher than the cost placed in the field below the selection
    • If you choose to set free delivery based on the basket cost itself, the amount you place in the field below will be the point at which no delivery is charged for the purchase
  • The Base Delivery Price can be charged irrespective of how many items are in the basket along with two other settings
    1. This can be selected with Free Delivery bakset Value
      • When the basket reaches this value, delivery becomes free
      • The Base Delivery Price is used no matter what the Zone Multiplier might be
      • When this option is chosen, only one Delivery Zone needs to be set
    2. The Base Delivery Price can be multiplied by the Zone Multiplier along with a Free Delivery value
      • As above, when the basket reaches the value, delivery becomes free
      • In this case the Base Delivery Price is Multiplied by the Zone Multiplier
      • Any number of zones can be set up which charge the one fee for delivery for each zone regardless of the quantity in the basket, up to the free delivery point
      • Coming soon: You will be able to add to the Free Delivery cut of point on a zone by zone basis
    • Please note!! If all your items are similar you may be able to achieve a similar result with Delivery Discounts, by discounting the final line of discounts at 100%
      • This would mean that delivery would be charged until the number of products set on the second last line of discounts, but delivery would be free for quantities in excess of that number
  • Additionallly, you can allow small items to be sent for free when sent with larger items
    • An item is considered to be large enough when the small product has a Product Multiplier of no more than 1.00 and the larger product has a Product Multiplier of 3.00 or more

Once you save these settings, you need to save one or more Delivery Zones before the system will work fully.

Managing Delivery Zones

Once you have created your Delivery Zone Settings you will be able to set Delivery Zones by clicking the Create New Delivery Zone Here action bar

  • Place the Name of the zone in the Delivery Zone field
    • Make the zone name a concise as possible
  • More information about the zone can be placed in the Zone Description field which users will be able to view via a link just below the selections in the shopping basket
  • Place the Zone Multiplier in the field using up to 2 decimal places eg 1.85
    • The zone which costs the least to send to should have a multiplier of 1.00
  • You can overide the Zone Multiplier for smaller items, by making the appropriate selection in the Multiplier Use field
    • In cases where smaller items are often sent in the post and have the same delivery charge across zones make either the second or third selection depending on your circumstance
    • In these two cases, larger items are usually more sensitive to distance as far as freight costs go
  • Tick the Set As Active box to make the Zone available as a selection in the Shopping Basket
  • When at least one Zone is public, buyers are forced to make a zone selection before they can proceed with the sale
  • If for some delivery locations you need to provide a quote for delivery after purchase, You could create a Zone (eg Other Areas) where the Zone Multiplier is 0.00
    • In this case, make sure you explain how this will work clearly, in both the Zone Description and your terms and conditions of sale

Create as many Delivery Zones as required.

Set Product Multiplier

As a final step, you need to set a Product Multiplier. The only exception to this is where all products have the same multiplier, in which case they will all be considered to have a Multiplier of 1.00

Click on the Products tab to access your Products List

Set the Products Delivery Multiplier in the Products Detail area and save the changes

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