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SmartSpace Fair Use Policy

SmartSpace offers great value for a total website package which includes access to an advanced website platform, website hosting, emails and support.

To ensure that we can maintain these rates and continue to offer fast and reliable websites, we have implemented a fair use policy.

This policy is NOT designed to punish small businesses that have busy websites.

What Is Fair Use?

The fair use policy will apply to sites which have a nominal 500 visits per day or more, or considered eqivalent, on a regular basis.

The vast majority of small business websites get far fewer than 100 visitors per day, most receiving about 10 or less per day.  As of March 2011, our busiest small business websites average not much more than 1000 visitors per month or about 35 visits per day.

So it is highly unlikely this policy will affect you if you run a small business.

If you happen to get a high visitation for a short period, it is also unlikely it will apply to you.

If it is not apparent that visitation will be very high on a regular basis prior to the publication of the website, SmartSpace reserves the right to apply a surcharge to some modules in the SmartSpace system (see below for the full list).

A site is considered to have regular visitation of 500 visits per day or equivalent if the following is the case:

  • If the site receives 500 visits per day at least 10 times per month for three consecutive months and;
    • Daily rates average over 300 visits per day in that period or,
    • Daily rates average over 400 visits per day in that period or,
    • There is a peak of over 1000 visits on one day in each month in that period and daily rates average at least 250 visits per day in that period or,
    • Any other visitation pattern that SmartSpace considers will adversely affect the performance of the server at times where many other websites will be negatively affected, on a regular basis.

Why Is Visitation Important?

If large numbers of people are trying to access pages and get resources from the website at once, the system may slow down, especially where the same thing is happening to other sites.  This does not offer a good experience for visitors.

Because we do not oversell our system (many hosts cram far more websites onto a server than the server can adequately handle, especially in peak times), we need to be able to adequately fund and assign server memory and processing power to ensure that all websites perform well at all times.  This surcharge will ensure that this can happen on a fair basis and that all websites get a fair share of the action and do not become slow in busy times.

The Surcharge

The surcharge which will be applied to each module is AUD$52.00 per annum and will be applied to the following modules:

  • Templates/Styling
  • Groups
  • Content Manager

Customers that expect their websites to get at least 500 visits per day or equivalent on a regular basis should speak to us to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your website for the best possible price.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this matter if required.

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