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Using the Groups Combined Entry System

Some sporting organisations may want to use the Groups combined entry systems for entry into events.  This system has been designed with Dragon Boat racing in mind, but can be used for many other sporting event entries, including where sports clubs/organisations are networked with an organising authority (organisers).

You access this feature by navigating to Database Manager > Groups > Click the grey bar of the selected Group Category > Click an icon adjacent to the Event Instance you want to enter.

How The System Works

  1. You must pre submit you team entry via the "Team entry" icon link;
    • This simply tells organisers and all the clubs what your intentions are, re event entry, so that they can plan the actual event,
    • This also creates the divisions for you to put your entrants into.
    • You can indicate that you do not intend to participate by ticking the No Entry box on the Team entry page
  2. If you have entered teams, you must create your teams, based on what you have previously advised through the team entry process;
    • This actually puts people into teams and enables calculations of entry fees etc.
  3. Then you must submit the teams you create, to organisers;
    • This actually enters the crews into the event and advises organisers of the entry and presents you with a bill for entry which you pay in the normal way,
    • It also goes to produce your Event/Division entry sheets which lists all the entries of all the teams.

You must follow this process in the following order, otherwise things may not work.

Suggested Working Order

  1. Click the Team Entry icon and enter the number of teams you want to put into the Event/Divisions and click Confirm Team Entry Changes.
  2. Navigate to your Combined Team Entry page which now should have all the divisions available which you want to enter.
  3. Enter the individuals into the teams by selecting each individual and ticking the divisions you wish to enter them in.
  4. Finally click Save Changes - Submit Teams to start the account payment process.
  5. Check the number of entrants is correct - adjust payment amount if necessary (manual adjustments of the entrants is allowable).
  6. Click the Payment button to officially enter the teams.

There are videos available on this process.
Click help in the Systems Selections menu and scroll down to Video Help Files 9 and 10.

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